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  • Sound Waves

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    topics about sound waves, what interests me and what I would like to learn about. November 4th: I started to research the basics and a sound wave and its properties. I also to notes on what a sound wave is and how frequency affects a sound wave. November 7th: Possible Topics What is a sound wave The Nature Of a Sound Wave Sound waves through different mediums Instrumental sound waves How microphones and headphones work How humans interpret sound (range of hearing) Convert Sound Waves Into Electromagnetic

  • Sound of Waves

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    Sound of Waves Test Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. I will be grading on thoughtfulness and how well you explain your answer. For the factual questions, you just need to get it correct. This first section does not need as much explanation, you may give a short response. Why was Shinji’s mother angry when she first received Hiroshi’s post card? She was angry because Hiroshi had sent her an expensive post card, and she said "kids these days don't know the value of money

  • The Manipulation of Sound in Cinema

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    Landscape and Architecture in Antonioni, Pasolini, and Rosi Soundscape: The Manipulation of Sound in Cinema Ever since the end of the era of silent film, sound, music, and even noise, has played and will continue to play a vital role in the world of cinema. It is through this very specific manipulation and creation of sound that directors are not only able to donate a particular emotion or feel to a scene, but also aides to allude to an even subtler subtext that exists within the world that

  • Sound Waves Essay

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    What is a sound wave? A sound wave is produced by a mechanical vibration, such as a tuning fork. The vibrating object causes the surrounding medium, such as air, to vibrate as well.The wave travels through the medium to a detector, like your ear, and it is heard.As with any type of wave, a sound wave is also described by it's wavelength, amplitude, period, and frequency. WAVELENGTH is the distance from one point on the wave, to the next identical point, or the length of one part of the wave

  • The Importance Of Sound Reflection

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    In the first chart, you have the distinction between soft sounds (from water drops and leaves), to medium and moderate noises (baby cries, a dog barking, and the sound of a piano), to very heavy noises (like music during a concert or a plane). Each of these noises are represented in terms of their pitch (measured in frequency), and in terms of loudness (measured in decibels). The second audiogram also follows this logic, but with less details, where your level of noise intolerance is measured vertically

  • Notes On Sound And Noise

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    2.1 SOUND AND NOISE: Sound is the variation of pressure in an elastic medium (such as air) caused by a mechanical disturbance. The movement of molecules in a transmitting medium caused by a disturbance results in pressure oscillations above (compressions) and below (rarefactions) the ambient pressure level. The oscillation of sound pressure variations is referred to as a sound wave. A sound wave will move through an ideal medium longitudinally and omnidirectionally. The oscillation frequency of a

  • Can You Own a Sound?

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    Can You Own a Sound? Do you think Happy Birthday is a copy right? We listen to music today and hear either the same beat or bits of pieces of someone else’s song on a different album. So, I ask this question again can you own a sound. When did sampling get popular? Sampling is the act of taking a portion of a song. The rapper Ice Cube recorded a song about sampling. Some people sued others for sampling, because it was either their beat or their lyrics. Sampling gained in the 1960’s. Once it

  • Sound Effect And Sound Effects

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    WHAT IS FOLEY SOUND A Foley is a sound effect technique use for creating live sound effects or synced sound effects. The Foley technique are named after jack Foley, jack Foley was a sound editor at Universal Studios. Foley is a sound effect added in a film or in a video during the time of Post Production, The action to produce Foley can include jostling each other, rubbing their cloths, breaking objects and handling props to produce the Foley of door opening, walking (footsteps), punching, glass

  • Mexican Culture : The Sound Of The Drums

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    The Sound of Culture Boom-bara- boom-boom- bara-boom-boom- bara-boom-boom-click-click. The sound of the drums is incredible, what captures everyone 's attention is the sense you have when you hear the rhythm and beat of any song. Music is a big part of my life and my culture. Mexican American culture demonstrates that I am someone who was born in Mexico but lives in America. I had no clue of my culture until I was about 10 years old. When I was growing up I always thought that I was born here but

  • The Impact Of Sound On The World Of Sound Cinema

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    Sound is obviously an essential part of cinema, and most couldn’t imagine watching any sort of entertainment without sound. Although how did sounds start and what were some major advancements in the world of sound cinema? The introduction of sound to cinema began by a process known as Phonofilm, created by a man named Lee de Forest and Theodore Case in 1923. The Phonofilm, which recorded synchronized sound directly onto film, was used to record a variety of entertainment including vaudeville acts