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  • The Learning Environment That Ell Students

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    The learning environment that ELL students have in the classroom has been impacted by the history of laws and bills passed by the board of education. Many school districts all over the United States are experiencing an increase in the enrollment of students who cannot speak, read, or write English in order to fully participate in their education. Numerous pieces in history took action in order to prevent these learners from risking their loss of opportunities. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents

  • Application And Supporting Student Learning

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    Standard 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning: Engaging and supporting student learning has developed into an area of strength for me. What I have witnessed first hand is that by moving through the general education curriculum you can embed skills predicated on each student’s current level of instruction. You use the general education curriculum as a backdrop and then adapt and modify the curriculum to suit each student’s needs. It sounds like it’s not possible when you actually

  • Student Learning Philosophy

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    Educators are always looking for ways to help students learn. Students do not all learn the same, there are four primary learning styles visual, auditory, kinesthetic (hands-on) and read-write. More ways a student’s experience information, the more like the student are to retain it. Different media activate different areas of the mind, and students recall things more quickly and retain information better when multiple parts of the brain are working together. Students working groups are more productive, creative

  • Learning Strategies for Students

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    A learning strategy is a person’s approach to learning and using information. Students use learning strategies to help them understand information and solve problems. Students who do not know or use good learning strategies will ultimately fail in school. Learning approach focuses on making student learners more active, by teaching them how to learn and be successful. My successes for teaching the Acquisition to Generalization Framework lesson to my student were that I was able to get my student Rickey

  • Reflection On Student Learning

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    Written Reflection #2 As a teacher, our responsibility is to plan effective lessons for our students to learn from. Although, the hardest part of being a teacher is grasping the student’s motivation to learn. Therefore, the educational philosophers Borich and Wong have different approaches to make us effective teachers motivate our students to learn new and exciting teachings. These different methods may include a wide range of how teachers run their classrooms, or what specific standards are being

  • Learning Changes Students ' Learning Essay

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    Collective learning changes students’ learning style to a more effective way. With the combination of technology and in-class group activities, collective learning as an educational method becomes more fun and acceptable. Duke University brought the iPod as an academic device and use for the educational experiment to all first-year students. The iPod inverts the traditional role of music player into a useful study tool. Students can not only listen to music, but also use the iPod as an academic

  • Student Learning Process

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    Monitoring students’ progress is essential to students’ academic success. This is a crucial time where teachers must be flexible in order to modify and adjust instruction according to what students are. Moreover, monitoring students’ progress can be accomplished by constant observations and anecdotal notes; where teachers write brief notes regarding students’ reading and writing activities, questions that they might have asked, and skills they are able to fully apply to their reading and writing

  • Student Learning Assessment

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    While my student is reading the assigned book, I will use the assessment chart above to assess the student learning. For instance, I will observe to see if my student is employing context clues to help her determining the meaning of words and phrases as they used in a text. Mid-lesson assessment: In this process, I will have my student summarize the book using textual evidence, as well as showing the strategies she used to determine the meaning of words she did not know. Then, I will have my

  • Student Learning Style Analysis

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    How To Teach With Style - Defining Students' Learning Styles By Mary M Hobbs | Submitted On October 30, 2011 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook 1 Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Mary M Hobbs We all have different methods

  • Understanding Library Impact On Student Learning

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    are made upon the evaluation of a campus’ facilities, most importantly, the library; the central spot students meet and attain their studies. The Watauga campus of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has been neglected and is in dire need of a more sophisticated and modern academic library. Academic libraries benefit students, as well as faculty members. They offer a place for students studying alone or with a group, provide reference materials, and in some snazzy locations, a place to