Suprapubic cystostomy

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  • Orem 's Self Care Deficit Theory

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    Orem’s Self-Care Theory Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory (SCDNT) is complex and contains various parts that help to explain how self-care can influence the overall health status of an individual. The basics of SCDNT can be broken down into four interconnected parts: theory of self-care, theory of dependent care, theory of self-care deficit, and theory of nursing systems (Berbiglia & Banfield, 2014). Each theory can be integrated into how the nurse will interact and plan care for patients. The nurse

  • Foley Cases

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    A 55- year old male presented to an outpatient surgery clinic with pain in suprapubic region for 3 months due to poorly draining Foley catheter. He denied any significant medical illness and was not taking any medications. He was a nonsmoker and did not consume alcohol. He had undergone surgery 3 years ago for bladder calculi . He was put on suprapubic catheter for 2 weeks along with Foley catheter per urethral. He was discharged after removal of SPC with