Swansea City A.F.C.

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    Sport Franchise Simulation – First Half Reflections Introduction For four seasons now, Swansea City has enjoyed a foray into professional sports leagues as part of a sports franchise simulation. Competing in division three of the National Sports League, Swansea has been challenged to develop a business strategy that optimises profits despite their unique, franchise-specific limitations in revenue earning capability. Franchise management has been astonished to learn the extent to which these revenue

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    Health and safety at work act The health and safety at work act is a law which was put in place in 1974, this is to make sure that the people at work are looked after in the correct way and make sure that the work environment is safe. Also to ensure that they don’t work in dangerous conditions and they use the right clothing and safety equipment. They have to make sure that they check the materials used and that they are stored and handled properly. They have to have a written safety/risk assessment

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    been a big soccer fan. It’s hard to understand that fans came to watch an exciting soccer game, but then 56 people ended up dead. This is why I was intrigued by this event and how this could possibly have happened. Valley Parade stadium in Bradford City, West Yorkshire, England goes down as the worst fire disaster in football (soccer) history. On May 11, 1985, what started out as a wonderful celebration ended in 56 deaths and 265 injuries. So many people died that day and it should not have happened

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