Health And Safety At Work Act

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Health and safety at work act The health and safety at work act is a law which was put in place in 1974, this is to make sure that the people at work are looked after in the correct way and make sure that the work environment is safe. Also to ensure that they don’t work in dangerous conditions and they use the right clothing and safety equipment. They have to make sure that they check the materials used and that they are stored and handled properly. They have to have a written safety/risk assessment form for the workplace. This is for everyone within the workplace including employers, suppliers, self-employed, trainees and manufactures. The health and safety at work act also ensure that the health and safety of others, for example the…show more content…
This may cover an incident in which the work equipment, environment and activities were carried out, organised or supervised, lead in some way to the accident that happened. The reports which is filled out will alert the enforcing authorities to the incident which happened, depending on how serious the circumstances are the enforcing authorities will decide if it is suitable to investigate. Sporting example: When using the gym equipment they have to carry out an induction so that everyone is using the gym equipment safely and correctly. If they don’t use it properly they could easily hurt themselves or other people around them. First aid at work act The health and safety (first aid) act ensures employers supply appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel for example a first aid box which includes plasters, bandages, medical tape etc, and staff are first aid trained. It depends on how serious the incident is in the workplace, this will determine on the how much first aid is needed. These regulations apply to all workplaces, these also include those with less than 5 employees and the self-employed. Sporting example: When Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the field during a football match, there were people that were first aid trained, so they could treat him and get him the help he needed quickly. His circumstances could have been a lot worse if there wasn’t anyone
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