The Battle of Algiers

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  • The Battle Of Algiers

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    along an abundance of violent bloodshed and war as countries fought for their independence from Empires that had ruled them for years. This is especially true for Algeria, a country that had been without independence for over a century. The Battle of Algiers, a 1966 film directed by Gillo Pontecorvo illustrates the struggle that Algerians underwent in an effort to gain independence from France. The film perfectly captures the violence that overtook Algeria during the war for independence. The film

  • The Battle Of Algiers Analysis

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    other, or as seen in the film the Battle of Algiers, exploit it for the others gain. In an unknown land, the aspects of the cultures that inhabit become something of awe and curiosity. Specifically in the case of Algeria, interest of the white settlers fell on Algerian women, covered head to toe in a burqa (Fanon, 45). For women to even be involved in the actions of resistance against the colonizer was nothing short of revolutionary. Through the culture of Algiers, women living within its borders

  • Women In The Battle Of Algiers

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    armed fights with the military broke out. In The Battle of Algiers, Algerians are portrayed as untamable, radical killers from the French standpoint. From the audiences’ perspective, film maker Gillo Pontecorvo wanted to show compassion for the Algerians. He wanted to show that their actions were justified. Nevertheless, Pontecorvo also wanted to show the French point of view, which he did by showing the manner in which high-ranking French handled battle plans and the way they spoke to the FLN. The

  • Battle Of Algiers Essay

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    There are so many examples but this Essay focuses on the movie Battle of Algiers and how it depicts the violence of colonialism in Algeria by France and the price Algerians had to pay to regain what was previously

  • The Battle Of Algiers Essay

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    The Battle of Algiers shows the effort that is involved in making a revolution begin, for a revolution to be sustained, and for a revolution to be successful. Something that the film does not show is what occurs after the fighting has ended and the colonial power is removed from the country. The quote from Ben M’hidi asks the question of whether the fighting ever truly ends, even after the revolution is over and it can be reasonably believed that, no, it does not. Most would believe that it would

  • Film Methods in The Battle of Algiers

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    ensemble, arrives at a chic and exclusively French café in Algiers. She walks into the café, orders a classic Coca Cola, and discreetly places her explosive-toting handbag on the ground. A few sips of the cola and the disguised Algerian woman heads out, with surveying eyes gazing about the happy French faces which will be no longer in just moments. The bomb explodes, killing several French lives, and striking a small victory in the overall battle of the FLN against France in reclaiming their own land

  • Gillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers

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    Since its release in 1966, Gillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers has divided critical opinion. The film which depicts the Algerian struggle for independence, was awarded the Lion d'Or at the 1966 Venice Film Festival and nominated a year later for an Oscar as Best Foreign Film. Despite this acclaim, the inherently controversial film was banned in France until 1971 due to its graphic portrayal of torture and repression during the war. Heavily influenced by the distinctive film style Neorealism

  • Film Analysis: The Battle Of Algiers

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    The Battle of Algerian Individuals The film The Battle of Algiers followed Ali La Pointe in its attempt to recreate the conflict among the occupants of Algeria in the decade preceding the country’s independence. The battles fought in Algiers, as depicted in the film, were no case of Washington crossing the Delaware; there was no glory. The battles in Algiers were the struggles between the ubiquitous and the unseen; there was no brave heroes, only a series of terror. In writing this response, I hope

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Battle Algiers '

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    around the theme that Africa has more than just a “single story”. Africa is full of diverse people from all kinds of backgrounds. While the Battle of Algiers, Sembene!, Welcome to Nollywood, and Timbuktu have shown many different stories, they have just barely scratched the surface of the millions of “single stories” that can be found in Africa. The Battle Algiers tells the story of the French and the Algerian National Liberation Front during the Algerian Revolution. It covers both sides of the Revolution

  • Film Comparison: Battle of Algiers and Culloden

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    experiencing. While both films, Battle of Algiers (Igor Film, 1966) and Culloden (BBC, 1964) explore themes of European Colonialism and the resistance to end it, the films address these issues using differing methodologies. The purpose of my paper will be to discuss these similarities and differences to provide the reader with an understanding of the various approaches the directors have taken in portraying similar themes. Gillo Pontecorvo, director of Battle of Algiers was an Italian filmmaker who