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  • Crystal Lake

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    understand what in their right minds would make it seem like it was okay to come out here. I mean even we had to walk all the way from downtown Crystal Lake due to the lack of parking, and let me tell you, that is not a fun walk. There’s about an hour of walking even though these two places are almost right across the street from each other. In fact, downtown Crystal Lake is only a mile or two down the road from Veteran acres. However, to get to the actual location of the incident, that is what adds on an

  • Crystal Lake: The Unexpected Beauty Of The Lazy Willow

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    About 45 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois you will find the charming community of Crystal Lake. Named, for the lovely lake that lies just southwest of the city's downtown area, Crystal Lake is the largest suburb in the Chicago metropolitan area. Although many of the home's in Crystal Lake are typical of any Chicago suburb, there are some that are exceptional. Among these luxury homes for sale in Crystal Lake you will find the unexpected beauty of the Lazy Willow. The one-of-a-kind residence

  • Persuasive Essay On Community Service

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    The options for community service are endless. After narrowing down my options, I applied to volunteer at the Crystal Lake Public Library this past summer. Having to go in for an interview was a new experience for me, considering how I have never applied for a job. I believe that the exposure to the interview process did two things for me: first, it put me out of my comfort zone, and second, it taught me invaluable lessons about applying for future jobs and programs. This is because I am the kind

  • Lake Hamahawk Summer Essay

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    Birds chirping, crystal blue water, big towering pine trees mixed with amazing birch trees, and on top of all that the fresh, crisp, pine scented, air. That is what Lake Tomahawk Wisconsin is like. My grandpa owns a cabin up there so we visit it a few times a year. Half of the cabin my grandpa bought and the other half he built with amazing logs of orange colored wood. I love it up there, mainly because: it’s friendly, everything is nearby, and there is still a TON of nature. But anyway, this little

  • Descriptive Essay About A Beautiful City

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    a bell rings out of nowhere and you are alarmed as you do not know what is going on. You breathe a sigh of relief as you see kids of all ages flock out of school in the thousands and hear their screams of joy as you walk past. They all dash to Crystal Lake to escape the heat. The clear water with a hint of blue is full of ripples going off in all directions from the boats and canoes. The familiar smell of freshly cut grass from the field in Birchland Park enters your nose. You are home! You finally

  • What Makes Iodized Table Salt?

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    from evaporated water in the sea. Their are larger and coarser crystals of salt then Iodized table salt. Sea salt originated from Brittany, France. Sea salt is also 2,000 years old and it is foreign. Kosher Salt: Kosher salt dissolves really fast. This is the type of salt that most chefs use. It is found from the sea or the earth. Brands like Morton and Diamond crystal sells this type of salt. Kosher salt got its name because the crystals make it perfect for curing meat. You can buy Kosher salt in any

  • Visit Skardu

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    Karakoram Range. Upper Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake, and the last Sadpara Lake are the popular three lakes in the Skardu. Skardu Baltistan lies in the midst of world's biggest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakoram. It presents an exclusive contrast of high peaks, deep gorges, spanning glaciers , sandy plains, crystal

  • Human Trafficking In Illinois

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    the trafficking industry. Each and every city in the world has a specific place in which targets are most commonly picked out. Barbara Wheeler, the state representative from Illinois, informed me on the issues of human trafficking in Illinois, Crystal Lake included. She described how massage parlors in Illinois are used as ways to bring in women, to be forced to perform sex acts for the customers (Wheeler). The fact that this is happening so close to my home is very frightening. I cannot fathom how

  • Creative Narrative Writing : Creative Writing

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    driving through the park, on our way to Lake McDonald. Once we arrived, we were immediately entranced by the stunning beauty of the lake, and the surrounding forests. We stood there, stunned, admiring the crystal blue water of the lake, the luscious green trees, and the glaciers, sitting on the surrounding mountains. But we didn’t just come here to admire the lake, we came to swim! “Let’s hop in!” my brother Asher exclaimed. We all headed towards the lake, but Mom and Dad decided to stay back on

  • Action Research Methodology

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    has the mission of educational excellence for all students. Quality education requires community participation and shares responsibility, as well as it “demands a commitment to the physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of learners.” (Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 , 2002-2017) However, English Language Learners have been underrepresented in Gifted and Talented Programs at District 47. Currently, out of 13 elementary schools in District 47, only two Elementary School have one student