The Knock

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  • What Is Knock Knock Surgery

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    What in the world is a tumor .Going into the doctor room I had no clue what I was getting into. I was waiting in the room staring at the wall.”Knock Knock” Hi I’m Dr. Molly I will be doing your daughter surgery. First we will numb the knee then cut the skin then start the operation.”Excuse me doctor is my daughter going to be awake or sleep during this operation,” my mom asked. Unfortunately she is going to be awake during this operation. All the sudden my face turn pale, my hand numb, and my legs

  • Doritos-Personal Narrative

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    Finally! Food! For a minute I thought I was going to starve to death here. I was sitting down and savoring the blue packet of Doritos right now I had in my hand. With my back leaning against the cluster of boxes, I looked up at Soundwave and shouted a short thank you to him. I was pretty sure that he was the one that got me all of these boxes of food. Soundwave just stared at me without response. Grabbing the opened bottle of water I had next to me, I downed the remaining water. Who knew that a

  • A Trip To Panama City Beach

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    Lucas and Emma laughed at all of the ridiculous faces and knock knock jokes Naomi made.(Even though some of the jokes didn’t make any sense whatsoever!) Naomi repetitively chanted at Lucas, “You smell like poo poo, you smell like poo poo, you smell like doggy doo doo!” Lucas laughed with the rest of the family because

  • Life : My Future Life

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    exact routine, as an array of different colorful stitches extends from the knitting needles. Tomorrow I will be able to start a new knitting project, maybe use the blue wool to make new sweaters for the grandchildren. An unexpected sharp thud of a knock was heard at the door; more than enough to be detected by my aging ears. As much as it bothers me to get up, I refuse to let the rattling pain in my bones win against me. It isn’t that I get up at all, it just feels more complex than before. I just

  • The Birthday Party By Harold Pinter

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    I don 't think it is all that surrealistic and curious because surely this thing, of people arriving at the door, has been happening in Europe in the last twenty years. (qtd. in Esslin 36) This knock at the door is suggestive of the trepidation and helplessness felt by the Jewish communities in Europe on account of the genocide triggered during the Nazi regime. The knocking device is also indicative of an entry into the world of the abject to destroy

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight. She just nestled in closer embracing the embrace. They embraced each other for as long as they could when they heard a knock on the door. "You awake," said the voice. He did not answer the knock hoping that they would go away and that he could stay like this forever. KNOCK, KNOCK. Louder this time. "We are up," said Sarah. "We will be out in a minute." "OK breakfast will be ready soon," said Mark from behind the door. Mark has really taken on the

  • Moving Back At Home-Personal Narrative

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    Slapping the little box off the edge of the table she groaned as her body ached from the night before. And of course the 5 hours she spent inside the gym training with the man that she had spent the night in bed with. Moving with slowness she heard the knock on the adjoining room that had once been hers. Hearing Jack move across the room as he got ready for the meeting she sat up slipping back into her clothes. Grabbing the pillow she'd brought with her, her eyes met Henry's as Jack opened the door. "ETA

  • Personal Narrative: The Rain Inside William's Room

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    It was raining in West Seattle, which was not all that unusual. What was not so usual was that it was also raining in William Berry’s bedroom, which was coincidently also in West Seattle. The rain inside William’s bedroom was probably due to the very large hole that went through the ceiling and through the roof as well. The hole had been created when a cable broke on a crane. The crane had been lifting a very large air conditioner to the roof of five story apartment building next door to William’s

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    spent most of the night occupying himself with studying the stars and doing his best to keep his mind off his problems. The stars had always helped him with that all his life. A quiet knock sounded at his door, startling him out of his thoughts. At first, he thought it had been his imagination. But then he heard the knock again. Who would be knocking at his door at five a.m.? It certainly wasn’t Madeline. Gabriel opened the door and his eyebrows shot through the roof. “M-M-Madeline.” She hugged her

  • Knock Knock Research Paper

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    RJ Kloecker Ms. Underhill HELA 6 June 2017 Joke Telling Knock Knock: Me: Nobody Laughs at my “knock knock” jokes. Ready? Ding Dong… DARN IT!!!!!!!! Story Telling: Me: So my grandmother is very spiritual and believes in god. So she just got in a car accident and after that she called me and said that her car flipped six times and she only got a scratch #blessed. Well do people count when they flip over like “AAAAHHHHH” one. My grandmother is so spiritual that if I got shot three times in