The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry

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  • The American Civil War : The Gilded Age Emerged

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    Following the finish of the American Civil War, the period known as the Gilded Age emerged. During this period, industrialism increased rapidly as well as the amount of cities. However, with a growth of industries and cities, corruption and complications would also follow. Since businesses were booming and the economy was improving, the United States’ Presidents of this time period, such as Hayes, Garfield, and Cleveland, granted businesses large amounts of power in hopes of continuing the success

  • The Farmer's Movement of the Late 19th Century Essay

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    During the late nineteenth century, the agrarian movement evolved into a political force that energized American farmers to voice their political and economic grievances like never before. Although the movement essentially died after William Jennings Bryan's loss of the 1896 Presidential election, many of the reforms they fought for were eventually passed into law. American farmers found themselves facing hard times after the Civil War. In the West, the railroad had opened up enormous opportunities

  • Populist Party Research Paper

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    Farmers used new industrial technology to increase the amount of crops that they grew. For instance, they started using equipment and supplies for planting such as big tractors and harvesters. Farmers were competing and had to buy these machines in order to produce more crop. To buy these big machines, farmers took out loans from banks. However, by using this concept of industrialized farming, farmers produced more and more food which meant that prices for these produces in market dropped because there

  • The Life Of The Party

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    The Life of the Party In the wake of disappointing presidential candidates and Congress shutdowns, many Americans are left unsatisfied with their government. It has become obvious that the Republicans and Democrats will not and cannot work cooperatively. America 's two-party system has become detrimental and must be opened to third-party involvement. This would restore political competitiveness, forcing candidates to prove themselves even further. Furthermore, this reveal many more opinions and opportunities

  • Why Did Farmers Express Discontent During 1870-1900 and What Impact Did Their Attitudes and Actions Have on National Politics.

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    Why did farmers express discontent during 1870-1900 and what impact did their attitudes and actions have on national politics. Manufacturing hit a huge growth rate during this period which cause agriculture to decline, and cause farmers to struggle to make a living. The farmers were now being abused by the railroad companies and banks. The documents in DBQ 8 show rationality for the farmer’s protests, exclusively on bank mortgage tariffs and the gold standard. Two particular groups became popular

  • A Brief Note On The Railroad, Trucking And Air Industry

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    crucial role in U.S commerce over the years, there has been fluctuations in the amount of regulation drawn up by the government and enforced by federal agencies and the courts. In this case, the railroad, trucking and air industry’s have reflected the national trends of regulation and deregulation movements over the last 15 years. Soon after the first transcontinental railroads were federally subsidized and created in the 1860s, concerns arose over cases of predatory practices being carried out by certain

  • Emilio Jacinto's Trading Cooperative

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    Principles and practices in the 21st century Kimberly A. Zeuli and Robert Cropp ABOUT THE COVER IMAGE: The “twin pines” is a familiar symbol for cooperatives in the United States. The Cooperative League of the USA, which eventually became the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), adopted it as their logo in 1922. The pine tree is an ancient symbol of endurance and immortality. The two pines represent mutual cooperation—people helping people. COOPERATIVES: ii Chapter 1 An introduction