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    Hickory Dickory Dock Nursery rhymes are poems that have an underline meaning. Nursery rhymes were used in a way to relay a hidden message that spoke out against the British government. However, guardians and educators communicated the significance of nursery rhymes to children at a youthful age, asserting that they are critical for them to build up an urge for dialect, syllables, and rhythm. Individuals would think that nursery rhymes were sweet and innocent, but in-between those lines was a hidden

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    Though written for children, nursery rhymes often conceal references to historical events. Here are the hidden stories behind three popular nursery rhymes. Humpty Dumpty This classic nursery rhyme is also a history lesson in the English Civil War. Humpty Dumpty was not originally an egg, as immortalized by John Tenniel, illustrator of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass published in 1871. Rather, the name referred to a cannon used by the army of Charles I in 1648 to deter the opposing army

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