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  • Social Worker Reflection Paper

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    In this video, the social worker’s role was that of a therapist. Dr. Siri Singh sat with his client to discuss some of the issues Kathryn Hudson and her alter ego Katy Perry has been experiencing over the years. Kathryn sought guidance, acceptance, affirmation and explanation with this session and I do believe the therapist was able to achieve this for his client. The therapist, or Dr. Singh, created a safe environment for Kathryn to speak her mind. In the very beginning of the session, the therapist

  • Jesse Washington : A Short Story

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    My life has always been sort of mediocre. I had only ever been expected to sit away and rust, but little did I know just how quickly it could change. To tell the story entirely I will have to go back to the beginning when Jesse Washington first confessed to this horrific crime, a tale that can make even an old chain like me wonder who was truly safe in Waco, Texas. May 8, 1916, seemed like just any other day, for all except Lucy Fryer (Goodwin). She was found around sundown lying in her doorway

  • The Death Of A Funeral

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    It all started with a murder and it all ended with a funeral. When you spend your whole life being molded into a predator, half of your free time is spent trying to avoid prison. Why else would I be attending the funeral of this overweight, unsightly mayor? It wasn 't because I cared or that I loved my city, instead it was because I loved my freedom, and my job. Well, sometimes. When you murder a respected, notorious man in town, it would be suspicious if you didn’t show up to his very lovely service

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    "Just have a seat and I 'll take your order in a few." I take off my black coat and exhale relief, seeing that my lower quadrants are back to normal. (Maybe the freezing rain did some good after all.) Tossing the coat beside my briefcase, I slump into my seat. "Whew! What a storm!" She lays down a menu in front of me. "You 're welcome to stay as long as ya need hun. By the

  • An Unfortunate Journey : A Journey Essay : An Narrable Journey

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    An Unfortunate Journey I woke up in a strange place, one I didn’t recognize. Not knowing how I had gotten here, I tried to orient myself. Everything was cast in darkness except for a patch of light from a window at the top of a wall. The last thing I could remember was walking home from my photo exhibit, proud of how far I had come, when someone came up from behind and hit me over the head. I tried to get up and make my way over to the window. As I sat up, my head started to throb from the sudden

  • Silver Raindrop Monologue

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    I still remember the dreadful day of pain, seared into my memory for all of eternity. The salty smell of blood filled the dark and smoky air. Gunshots rang through the air, echoing through the trees; yet the white flag flew high above us. Bullets rained from the sky knocking leaves and needles from the tree limbs and cut perfect circles through our tepees. An infant cried out hidden in the blood of his dead mother. Then, in the shower of deadly metal, a silver raindrop passed through the infant’s

  • Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    Lord of the Flies: Violence Someone’s dead, bloods been shed, and people are being hunted one by one. In most horror stories, the next step would be finding out who the murder is, and how to either stop it or get away from it. But in this story, the murderers are already given and how they killed the others are revealed. So what’s the use of these scenes of violence? In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, several boys ranging six to thirteen are stranded on an island after the plane they were aboard

  • Tom Delonge's Departure From Blink-182 Analysis

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    you were faking it.” (Varga 15). Hoppus later mentioned that he was not at all surprised by the email received for his resignation, and that his attitude leading up to the split had proven he was not interested in the band anymore. He mentions, “Travis and I have bent over backwards for years to accommodate all the stuff that Tom wanted to try…” (“Mark Hoppus: ‘Tom Delonge’s Departure is a Relief”, 2015). However, Hoppus and Barker had announced shortly after that they had already found a replacement

  • What Is The Theme Of The Use Of Force

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    The Use of Force is a short story written in 1938 by an American author, William Carlos Williams, who is known for his modernist writings. The Use of Force was first published in a short story collection Life Along the Passaic River (1938), and is also available in The Doctor Stories (1984), which is a collection of Williams' writings. The story was published during the era of the Second Wave of feminism, from 1918 to 1968, which focused on social reform and revolution (Delamont, 2003, 2). The situation

  • Bonfire Of The Vanities Analysis

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    Bonfire of the Vanities revolves around the affluent New York City bond trader Sherman McCoy, whose secure life crumbles after he is involved in a “hit-and-run” event that fatally injures black Henry Lamb. Although his mistress, Maria Ruskin, is the actual perpetrator of the reckless endangerment, attention is diverted to McCoy instead. Attorneys, political figures, and the police corner McCoy, pressuring McCoy to admit to his non-existent faults related to the event. But even more merciless is the