Unintended Consequences Essay

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  • Unintended Consequences of Prohibition

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    “The law of unintended consequences is what happens when a simple system tries to regulate a complex system. The political system is simple; it operates with limited information (rational ignorance), short time horizons, low feedback, and poor and misaligned incentives. Society in contrast is a complex, evolving, high-feedback, incentive-driven system. When a simple system tries to regulate a complex system you often get unintended consequences.” (1) Before the prohibition of alcohol existed in

  • Unintended Consequences In HIT

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    In the assigned reading “Unintended consequences in HIT”, text outlines 5 types of sociotechnical interactions and “Table 1 (pg 4-5)” provides examples of unintended consequences for a project. Please pick any 3 unintended consequences across all categories and comment on risk management planning strategy that you would recommend for each of the 3 chosen consequence. Paper persistence Unfortunately, paper persistence is very much alive in hospitals. Charting on paper is unfortunate due to the increased

  • Hydropower’s Unintended Consequences Essay

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    Hydropower’s Unintended Consequences As more emphasis is being brought to renewable energy, hydroelectric power is often seen as a viable and clean alternative energy source. Hydro electric has been a longstanding source of power for this and many other countries. In the 1940s dams were supplying 40% of our nation’s electricity, and now they only generate about 10% (science bulletins). Hydro power can be a clean alternative to fossil fuels; however it should not be considered an environmentally

  • Summary: The Unintended Consequences Of The Formation Of CIA

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    The Unintended Consequences of the Formation of the CIA: An Analysis of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Military Motivations in the Development of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) I.Introduction: This historical analysis will define the unintended consequences of the formation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) through the military motivations of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the creation of The Office of Strategic Services (OSS). President Roosevelt’s initial motives for gathering

  • Cause Of The Cold War And Its Unintended Consequences

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    Christopher Sagherian History 20W Section 67 December 1, 2014 Root Causes of the Cold War and its Unintended Consequences After the end of the Second World War, the world was left with two fundamental economical systems competing for world acceptance (or coercion, depending on whose propaganda news were provided). The United States and the Soviet Union were the champions of capitalism and communism, respectively, two opposite ways of life regulating everything from personal freedoms to ways of

  • Unintended Consequences - Israel from Palestine

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    If you were surrounded by enemies and had no home, to where would you run? The fact is that this very question became a quandary for Jews, especially Zionists, long before the genocides of the Holocaust. In the decades before World War II, Jews sought a place to idealize their faith unhindered and away from governments and societies that ran against their operations. While they tried to assimilate with the cultures around which they lived, they stumbled more often than they soared. Appropriately

  • Unintended Consequences Of Technology In The Pedestrian By Ray Bradbury

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    As Albert Einstein once wisely stated “I fear that one day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” In the book The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury the whole town has fallen victim to the unintended consequences of the inappropriate use of technology. Leonard Mead , a middle aged man, is the only person in the town that ever is out of his home after 8 o’clock in the evening; he enjoys walking alone down the streets in the night. When he first started

  • Unintended Consequences Of The State Prison System

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    Inadvertent Consequences According to Krisberg and Taylor-Nicholson, state budget cuts, lowering prison over-crowding, and improving corrections are the underlying reasons for the policy shift. Although “county custody costs (county jail) may be somewhat lower than state prison costs, shifting the custody and supervision costs of selected offender groups to the county will only cut spending in state prisons,” and may fail to lower the overall costs of corrections in California (Owen & Mobley, 2012

  • Unintended Consequences - Israel from Palestine

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    Pity from the Holocaust A common argument for the Holocaust’s causation in the creation of Israel and generous partition of Palestine is the potential for nations to pity the Jews for their suffering. In truth, Zionism wasn’t offered any gains by the Holocaust. Not only was the genocide irrelevant to the argument of Zionism to the rest of the world, but it also couldn’t be pitied, as it was not yet understood. Overall, the Palestine question – and it was just that: a question regarding Palestine

  • Kanye West Fans 's Influence On The Artist

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    Kanye West fans do not have a definitive name, or way of defining themselves. There is no form for the group for some reason. However, they are still able to celebrate their icon and promote their icon in a positive way amid negative press he is prone to receiving. Although they aren’t well formed, Kanye’s fans still have a great impact on the artist’s social proof with them being the first to respond to anything Kanye related, the first to archive anything Kanye related, the main source of buzz