United Federation of Planets

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  • The Themes And Differences Of Star Wars And Star Trek

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    Star Wars and Star Trek are both a part of the science fiction genre and are about space exploration. They both take place in the far reaches of the galaxies, on unique planets with imaginative and distinct species. In both series the planets are united in some way, Star Trek has The United Federation of Planets and Star Wars has the Galactic Empire. They both have a ship that they are famous for, Star Wars has the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star while Star Trek has the USS Enterprise. Each

  • A Day For Celebration - Original Writing

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    It was the Day of First Song, and celebrations echoed throughout Adiha. Her residents, supporters of the Church, packed Civic Square and its adjacent streets. The mingling of their cheers and jeers created a festive melody that was contagious to all. White fluorescent orbs lined every street and hung from every doorway, fighting off nights impending darkness in recognition of Aeskar. Elm Tower watched over the people, a bright white beacon in the fresh spring air. And this was fitting, as it was

  • Character Analysis : Symbiosis From The Next Generation

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    from The Next Generation. In this episode, The Enterprise comes across two planets, one where all the inhabitant are suffering from a plague and depend entirely on the medicine they receive through trade from the other planet. As the episode progresses we come to find out that the natives of this planet are no longer suffering from the plague, but rather from withdrawal, as the medicine they receive from the neighboring planet is actually a highly addictive narcotic. The ships doctor can easily come

  • Administrative Center Of Starfleet Command Located

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    Starfleet Headquarters Administrative center of Starfleet Command located in California, on Earth. Address: Starfleet Headquarters 24-593 Federation Drive San Francisco, California, EARTH Galactic (Spatial) Coordinates: 3517/2598 About Starfleet Medical Starfleet Medical is a department of the United Federation Starfleet that deals with all medical and clinical matters. Starfleet Medical Academy trains its doctors and medical personnel for all bases and starships in Starfleet, and is responsible

  • Television : The World 's Most Influential Pieces Of Propaganda

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    Star Trek is a franchise that has been around for a very long time; it has been turned into books, movies and a television series. Television is one of the world 's most influential pieces of propaganda. Whether it is being used to promote the next president, sponsor the newest upcoming athlete, or tell you about your favorite show, television is used to influence the world and how we perceive it. The popular television show aired for the first time in 1966 and throughout the years has seen many

  • Star Trek & Gender Sterotypes Essay

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    The Star Trek television series was truly a groundbreaking show not just for its plot lines and ideological messages, but also for its revolutionary cast. Two of the main actors were Jewish, one main actor was a gay Asian, and of course, one was a black woman. Uhura was one of the first main black characters on a television show – and of course, her kiss with Kirk was the first interracial kiss ever on television. For a show in the 1960s, Star Trek broke many barriers across religious, racial, but

  • Compare And Contrast Star Wars Vs Star Trek

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    It has been shown and explained that the sensor technology in the Star Trek universe can observe specific organisms, and their cellular chemistry, on a planet from orbit. Their sensors, installed on just about every ship with warp capabilities in the Star Trek universe, can even read DNA from orbit or track particles of interstellar hydrogen trillions of kilometers away; by contrast, one of the most advanced

  • The Consequences Of Global Warming

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    world are now beginning to have proof of this cause-and-effect we have placed on our planet which is beginning to answer the question of global warming being real. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “The earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.4* over the past century, and it is projected to rise by another 2 to 11.5*F over the next hundred years. Small changes in temps of the planet can translate to large and potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather” (“Climate

  • Compare And Contrast Star Trek Vs Star Wars

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    differences they have is star trek has it’s origin in television and, was only known as a television series. star treks main purpose it to give a fictional depiction of the space exploration and the system of galactic society consisting of multiple planets and species. conflict occasionally occurs. star trek occurs in the relative distant future , with occasional time travel backward and forward. on our “universe” , on earth that shares most of our real history. star wars is an epic space opera, inspired

  • Star Wars Vs Star Trek

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    now what’s not boring? The (2nd)most destructive weapon ever created. The planet killer. The Death Star. If you're wondering why I mentioned it as the second it’s because it is only behind StarKiller base. The name fits it’s use, Starkiller base is capable of using the power of a star to destroy multiple planets across a distance of what appears to be light years. This is far and beyond the power of anything in the Federation fleet. That is scary. There’s no weapon like that in the universe of Star