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  • Desperate Housewives Marketing

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    they can add their new shows and test whether the show is a hit or miss before showing it on television. For instance, Univision and UniMás has officially announced that they will show Narcos and Club the Cuervos on August 22. By showing two of the most global successful shows on Netflix, Univision is at a greater advantage than Telemundo. Randy Falco, president of Univision has disclosed that by collaborating with Netflix this will help them gain more

  • Persuasive Speech Essay

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    speech about us, he tarred the entire Latino culture as being rapists and murderers and terrorist" In the days following the speech, Hispanic leaders and commentators excoriated Trump. Jorge Ramos, a Univision news anchor, said Trump had become "the Hispanic community 's most hated man." Now, Univision has backed up Ramos ' comments with action. The network announced it is ending its relationship with Trump and the

  • Interview With Broadcast Journalism Professionals

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    broadcast journalism professionals On November 18, 2016, I met up with the director of the Univision news Cristina Bazaldua to find out more about the history of the studio. When one first walks in the building the first thing that catches your attention is the clear and transparent glass windows that allow you to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. When asked, Cristina mentioned that the Univision industry is very involved with the community, meaning it doesn’t want to hide anything from

  • Media Used In Mass Media

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    Many people in the mass media industry have used their platform in very different ways. The ways people have used them , do vary because some mass media influencers use their platform for good and some use it for bad. For example, In the Brian Williams case he used it for bad because he lied to the people that looked up to him, or people that watched the news. Another example would be when Jorge Ramos was kicked out of the press room for asking difficult question to Donald Trump, but in this case

  • Univision Research Paper

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    Univision News anchor Maria Elena Salinas, one of the most recognizable and respected journalists in Spanish-language media or known as the "Voice of Hispanic America" by The New York Times is stepping down. And if you grew up watching Univision just like me - this is a major shock. For more than 30 years, she’s anchored the evening news show “Noticiero Univision,” one of the nation’s most watched news broadcast, and co-host of Univision’s news magazine program “Aqui y Ahora.” Now the next person

  • An Interview For The Univision Media Network

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    "After Zorro, people spoke Spanish to me for ages. I 'm Welsh but that movie instantly gave me a new ethnicity." This was a quote by the actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, when asked to speak Spanish in an interview for the Univision media network. This is one of the many results that come from of a complex reality of identity. Individuality is controlled by a social structure that labels a person based on similarities to a particular ethnic group. Society has the need to shape the ethnic identity of

  • Analysis Of ABC News

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    Over the course of the research, it also became evident how ABC news and Univision differed further in how they positively or negatively addressed political stories. It appeared substantially evident how ABC news attempts to address political stories positively and negatively; while, Univision deliberately chooses to address political stories negatively. For instance, ABC news negatively covered Trump’s attempt to avoid talking about gun control after the Las Vegas shooting referring to him as “a

  • Social Constructivism And Its Impact On Regular Basis

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    could be briefly explained as a means of social interaction for a direct outcome (Wallis: 1993). The article hence, focuses on the understanding of such learning facilitator tools for critical understanding of situations in an organisation, such as Univision, causing not only organisational misbehaviour but also mismanagement. Reflection of experiences form basis of exploring unexpected outcomes involving both feelings and

  • Childhood Arrivals: What Is DACA?

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    Media outlets have the power to voice opinions for the masses of followers they may have. Depending on the topic, media typically has 2 different standpoints but there is always room for another. Three standpoints typically become more common when burning topics come to light. Using the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals as an example better known as DACA, I found articles that were mainly targeted towards either Republican, Liberal, or Neutral parties. The articles were debriefing the controversy

  • W. E. B. Dubois And The Crisis

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    The Crisis was a magazine that W.E.B DuBois created in 1910 and it was also the official magazine of the NAACP. DuBois was not only the founder of this magazine, but he was also the editor. The targeted audience of this magazine was the African American community. At this point in time a magazine that was ran by Black people and for Black people was unheard of. The purpose of this magazine was to shine light on who and what the Black community was, to create an outlet where Black scholars could share