Nobuo Uematsu

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    musician, his name Nobuo Uematsu. Nobuo began to play the piano at age 11 and 12 in Kochi (Japan), he did not take any formal lesson which means he already learned by himself. After graduating from Kanagawa University, Uematsu played the keyboard in several amateur bands and composed music for television commercials. When Uematsu was working at a music rental shop in Tokyo, a Square employee asked him to join them for creating music of some title, although he agreed, Uematsu at the time considered

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    A Fantasy Based On Reality Final Fantasy XV, a game composed by both Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata, composed in the time span of 10 years, finally released on November 29th, 2016. The project, originally titled as Final Fantasy XIII - Versus, initially began development in 2006. It was planned as a spin-off to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIII; however, the idea was scrapped, and then picked up and rebranded as it’s own stand-alone title in 2012: Final Fantasy XV. Gameplay releases

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    When Final Fantasy XII released for PlayStation 2 in early 2006, the game sought to introduce a new style of play and to revolutionize the long-running franchise. To achieve this extraordinary task, Square Enix had to break the conventions of Final Fantasy – like by introducing a real-time combat system, and bet on an original and risky concept. In the end, the gamble paid off and Final Fantasy XII was a success; however, the title quickly became a divisive topic of conversation amidst the gaming

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    The Far Reaching Influence Video Games Have on Culture All you can see on screen is a pair of arms holding a gun as you proceed down a poorly lit, grungy tunnel. Looking down, you can’t see your own feet—not because of the gloom, they simply weren’t included in the design. A heads up display shows ammo, health, shields, and a motion tracker in the corner while an aiming reticule sits in the center of the screen. The graphics are shoddy at best by today’s standards, but at the time it was released

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    Video Games - The Forgotten Art Ask any major in the fine arts for the definition of art. They're likely to tell you that it is self-expression through the use of some sort of medium. Most commonly thought of are clay for a sculpture, paint for a masterpiece, even music notes for a four-movement suite. The last thing you'd think of is a computer program for a video game. But why not? Don't video games incorporate both artwork and music? Each one is considered art, but many people consider the

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    Video Game Music Essay

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    The History of Video Game Music In America, video game music is seen as one of the lowest forms of entertainment and its composers are obscure and unknown to most of those who play the games, while in Japan, it is a major component of their popular culture, and composers such as Koji Kondo are treated like famed celebrities. Game music is still not widely considered an art form, and yet the compositions have become as complex and sophisticated as arrangements for film and television

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