Vasili III of Russia

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  • Essay on Ivan the Terrible

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    Ivan the Terrible. Ivan Vasiljevich the Terrible was born in 1530 and died in 1584. He was the son of the Grand Duke Vasili III. His mother Helena Glinsky was the daughter of a Luthuanian refugee who had found asylum in Russia. She was young, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful. Vasili had married her after he tried to have an heir for 20 years with his first wife Salome. Vasili was in his 50’s, and Helena was 20 when Ivan was born. Ivan had another brother Yuri born 18 months later. The

  • Ivan, Grand Prince Of Moscow

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    My research theme was about Ivan III “Grand Prince of Moscow” in this paper I will tell you about Ivan and his childhood. I will also explain to you his greatest achievements and how he was successful in the many battles he ordered to take place. In this paper I will also explain how he became Ivan the Great and what people thought of him. Ivan Vasilievich, later known as Ivan the Great, was born on January 22 1440 in Moscow, Russia. Ivan family consisted of two brothers and his parents were Maria

  • A Brief Biography of Ivan the Terrible

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    Vasilyevich (1530-1584), was the first of two children of Basil III and Elena Glinskaya. Ivan came into the world on August 25, 1530. Nearly a year after this Ivan's father died when he was only three. Basil had died due to a small, little pimple on his thigh that had developed into a deadly sore. Basil requested at his deathbed that his son Ivan would become the ruler of Russia when he became a man at age 15. Once Basil died the boyars took over Russia, denying Ivan's right to the throne. Ivan's mother then

  • What Is The Role Of Mongol Rule In Russia

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    Until the end of the 15th century, the vast territories to the west of the Ural Mountains, what is now known as the European part of Russia, were far from a single united state. Rather, it was a patchwork of small principalities ruled by different princes, united in their faith under the Russian Orthodox Church, but otherwise in fierce competition between themselves. The situation was complicated further by the Mongol overlords, requiring regular tributes ever since they conquered most of the Russian

  • The Causes And Cons Of The Cold War

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    USS Beale, began dropping depth charges on the nuclear-armed Soviet submarine B-59. The charges were warning shots to force B-59 to the surface, but the sub’s captain took them for live detonations. “The submarine captain was convinced that World War III had broken out, the captain ordered his men to arm the submarine’s nuclear torpedo and prepare to