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  • The Victorian Era Of Victorian England

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    The Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 until 1901 when she died. Although the Victorian era was good for the United Kingdom in many ways, it was also a time where there were great differences in gender equality leaving women with very few rights. Therefore, making it a period when women began to demand equal treatment to men and although their rights would not be equal until the 20th Century, Victorian women started the idea. This essay looks at 5 key areas of Victorian

  • The Victorian Era Of Victorian England

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    The Victorian era was between 1837 till 1901. It was a time of the industrial revolution, new inventions and where the country earned the name Great Britain. But with all of these positive events there were many downfalls such as the increase of poverty and disease. Many authors saw this as an opportunity to show the reality of Great Britain , for example Charles Dickens wrote many novels. He talked about differences in classes and that even with all the money in the world your wealth has little

  • Victorian Gender Roles In The Victorian Era In England

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    The most common way to characterize a society at a given time is to divide it into social classes and evaluate the differences between each group. However, the period known as the Victorian era in England, from 1837 to 1901, witnessed such polarized gender roles that it can also be analyzed according to the different functions assigned to men and women, more commonly known as the ideology of separate spheres. The separate spheres framework holds that “men possessed the capacity for reason, action

  • Industrial Revolution in Victorian England

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    The Industrial Revolution in Victorian England was a period of time in history when new inventions and technology changed the way people lived and worked. It impacted how they communicated, the way products were manufactured, and created new forms of cheaper and faster transportation. Innovations resulted in changes that were previously unheard of. The invention of the steam engine revolutionized the way people and things were transported. Manufacturers were able to ship their goods more quickly

  • Prostitution in Victorian England Essay

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    Judith Walkowitz’s book Prostitution and Victorian Society: Women, Class, and the State, deals with the social and economic impact that prostitution had on English society in the mid to late 19th century. Throughout her piece Walkowitz illustrates the plight of women who are in the prostitution field and that are working the streets throughout England. She starts with the background of most of the prostitutes in Victorian England then talks about the Contagious Disease Act in 1864 that attempted

  • Blacks in Victorian England

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    The Othered Victorians Introduction The Victorian period was a time of great hypocrisy. Despite the fact that the Protestant work ethic was gaining popular support amongst the Victorians and myths such as Samuel Smiles' "rags to riches" became part of mainstream Victorian culture, the Victorians were greatly divided into their respective social classes. Works like Thomas Carlyle's "The Irish Widow" and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "The Cry of the Children" exemplified the blatant disregard of

  • Essay on Servants in Victorian England

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    Servants in Victorian England Servants were imperative to the functioning of middle and upper class homes in Victorian England. Without the veritable army of servants for the upper and upper-middle classes, women would not be able to live the leisured lives they had grown accustomed, and would certainly not have the time to flaunt their status with neighbor-calling and the numerous balls and social activities. Even most lower-middle and middle-middle classes employed at least one servant, as

  • Victorian England : The Worst Of Times

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    was the best of times; it was the worst of times” (Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities).Victorian England was a melting pot of both good times and bad times. Some people experienced good, while others experienced bad. During the Victorian Era, mainly the wealthy experienced good times, while the poor experienced poor times. As reflected in contrasting Victorian paintings, literature, and historical accounts, Victorian England was a time of great prosperity for the wealthy few but a time of constant hardship

  • Women In Victorian England In The Eighteenth Century

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    restrictions on women take over Victorian England in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. However, deviant women appear to be beyond such confines. As mentioned before, women were placed in the house and labeled as “the angel in the house.” Conversely, such criterion has been undermined with the emergence of the “femme fatale” as Victorian England becomes vulnerable to internal and external threats represented by such type of evil women. As Auerbach observes, “in Victorian England, an age possessed by faith

  • Jewish Population of Victorian England Essay

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    The Jewish Population of Victorian England HISTORY The Jews had their roots in Eastern Europe but were also scattered in western European countries such as England. The Jewish population has been historically scapegoated since the time of the medieval Church. Stereotypes have been formed of the people practicing this religion for hundreds of years in England and elsewhere on the Continent. The timeline shows the progression of the population in England and the strides they have made over a