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  • James Agee and Walker Evans Essay

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    James Agee and Walker Evans Fortune Magazine, in July and August of 1936, sent James Agee and Walker Evans to research a story on sharecropping. In the preface of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Agee describes it as “a curious piece of work.” They were to produce “an article on cotton tenantry in the United States, in the form of a photographic and verbal record of the daily living and environment of an average white family of tenant farmers,” (IX). James Agee and Walker Evans set out to write

  • Walker Evans

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    was always a very common practice(REF). Three photographers participated in architectural photography. These were Walker Evans, Albert Sands Southworth, and Josiah Johnson Hawes. Although there were many differences in the formal elements used between these photographers, a common theme can be

  • Walker Evans-FSA Photography

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    nostalgia,” says Walker Evans.1 Throughout his photographic career Walker Evans was just that, interested in the history that he lived through. As an FSA photographer, Evans mission was to “introduce America to America” and showcase “the reality of its own time and place in history” says Stryker, the leader of the FSA movement.2 Evans produced images that revealed Americas’ despair in the depression, but also the hope for the future. In the photograph “Alabama Cotton Tenant Farmer Family”, Evans portrays

  • Walker Evans: An Influential Photographer

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    Who is Walker Evans? Walker Evans was one of many influential photographers along with being a writer. As a writer he found it better to explain his work with his photographs. Walker Evans was born on November 3, 1903 in St. Louis, Missouri. There really isn’t that much information on who his family was or what they did but for now we only know that he did have a father, a mother and had no siblings. However he did have 2 spouses before he died but both marriages didn’t last. Evans also was a painter

  • Research Paper On Walker Evans

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    Jack Horvath Mr. Kim American Literature 23 May 2017 Walker Evans: Particularly American Photos The phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words" applies to the effectiveness of imagery in capturing the feeling of historical events. Prior to the work of Walker Evans, American lifestyle was characterized by prosperity. To illustrate, consider the fact that the nation's wealth more than doubled from 1920-1929. The stock market crash of 1929 sent Wall Street into a panic and ultimately gave rise to the

  • How To Silence Evan Walker

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    40 days after the escape, she goes back to Vosch's watchtower after she realizes that they both have a common goal: to silence Evan Walker. The book moves back to Cassie, who is talking to Evan, broken up over the fact that her brother Sammy has forgotten his ABC's and his own mother's face. This is especially bad because these traits are all that's left of humanity. Evan responds by telling her that he has also forgotten what it means to be compassionate, ending the discussion when he tells her that

  • Walker Evans: Photography In The Twentieth Century

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    Walker Evans is one of the most notable photographers of his generation in the twentieth century. A photographer whose photographic subjects not only stayed consistent throughout the years but also had the ability of showing the present as if it were the past. Evans loved taking pictures of vernacular architecture, portraiture, particularly the man on the street, signs and billboards. Those who are familiar with Walker Evans works are quick to associate him with his uncompromising documentation

  • Walker Evans Photograph, Bud Fields And His Family, Summer 1936

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    In the photograph,” Bud Fields and his family, Hale County Alabama, Summer 1936”, Walker Evans depicts life during this time and shows in this photograph that even through extreme poverty this family is standing united. A photograph hanging on the cracked wall in the background of the portrait is stating that this family stays together no matter what, through every obstacle they will be there for one another . As you can see, in this photograph there are three generations. The grandmother is the

  • Personal Narrative-Growing (Y/N)

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    It has already been eight years since… that happened, and from then on I have stayed with Lucas, Ella, and Charlie, three kids that had rescued me. They found me lying on the streets weeks after the life I once had was burned to ashes, literally. I'm twelve now, and today's my birthday. (Month) (Date). I managed to fit in with everyone, and have become the "hunter" of the group, the one that finds our source of food. Due to my agility and wit, I can escape with ease. "Morning (Y/N)!" greeted

  • Creative Writing: Dragon's Cabin

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    soldiers gave him a wide berth. The door shut and the cabin swayed slightly as the long, metallic legs unfurled beneath them. She’d always found the sway of a walker’s gate relaxing. “Ah, there’s not a feeling in this galaxy like riding a hundred-ton walker right through the middle of a combat zone. Huh, kid?” the lieutenant sounded a lot more pleasant than he looked. His voice wasn’t as deep as she expected and it seemed just on the verge of laughter. He was instantly likable. He was also a lot older