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  • What I Learned From It

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    In my summary of the work I have done throughout the semester, I will like to go through each assignment and what I learned from it, as well as the impact it had on me a psychology concentration. All of the assignments proved to be valuable in some way to my learning, pushing me farther intellectually than I ever though I would in this class. Homework #1 was the refresher of statistics that we had all learned previously before coming into this class. I was personally happy we had this assignment

  • What I Learned In School

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    I have learned many things in school. I will like to tell about how I learned in school. I have improved my reading and writing in school. When I was little we’re learned the basic word in school. The teacher taught the students how to pronoun the words. I don’t understand the teacher talk to me when I first come to unite state. I went to school when I come here I remember the teacher but I don’t know her name she always followed me in school. She taught me how to reading. I improved my reading

  • What I Learned At The Course

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    An overview of what I learned in the course: The main thing that stood out for me was Universal Design for Learning, and how much “assistive technology” and “accessibility” tools benefits EVERYONE! There is no such thing as average! Even as adults we benefit from this approach! We learned about an overwhelming amount of resources, and I look forward to exploring more of them. Off the top of my head, some of the tools that stand out the most for me are: Google Chrome extensions (so many!), iPad accessibility

  • What I Learned At School

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    What I knew: After many years of attending school I have noticed that most education based courses have remained the same. Some have remained the same but, others such as Science and English have drastically changed. For instance the idea of standardized testing was still being developed during my elementary years. In elementary school we used the breaking new technology of Smart Boards to learn. These boards allowed us to write, and erase on the board that was a projector. Then in middle

  • Summary : What I Learned

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    Summary of What I Learned The gospels provides us with four different, yet not conflicting, stories of the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John gives these accounts and are called the synoptic gospels. Each one of these gospels have a key verse, main people they are ministering to, or how they look at Christ. The Gospels displayed that Jesus was the promised Messiah of the Old Testament and that laid the foundation for the teaching of the

  • What I Learned As A Kid

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    “What I Learned as a Kid in Jail” is a speech given at a TEDTalk convention to a group of young men and women delivered by Ismael Nazario, a prison reform advocate where he does work for The Fortune Society, a non profit organization. Nazario was arrested when he was just under eighteen for robbery and sent directly to Rikers Island where he spent 300 days in solitary confinement, before ever being convicted of the crime. Nazario’s goal in delivering his speech to a group of younger men and women

  • What I Learned In A Tribe

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    I was on my way back to the tribe, under the burning sun, performing the same stale routine we fulfil every day. The females and the children that were assigned to pick fruits and collect useful plants were all on the retreat just as I was. In my mind, I always claimed that this will be one of the several daily tasks we will be obliged to accomplish for the many years to come to ensure our survival. Unlike the younger females, the only time when I will have a distinct task is when I grow old enough

  • What I Learned At The Group

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    qualities that I have felt were great for our group. As you stated in an earlier thread, we agree and have the same perspectives on a lot of things, which has limited our interaction in the group because we wanted to limit the amount of piggybacking. Your own identification of your ability to use humor at the wrong times made me reflect on myself, and realize that I do the same, and that I may need to be more aware of the times in which I do it. William, stay motivated and encouraged, I wish you all

  • What I Learned In Writing As A Writer

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    Going into this course I wasn’t sure what I should except. I had the goal for myself to improve and learn skills that would make writing less daunting for me. I feel like I have learned so many things about my writing that I didn’t think much about before. A I had for myself was to break the cookie-cutter mold that was set upon me throughout high school. I have learned so many things about myself as a writer and many skills that have been effective for me in the writing process. One of my biggest

  • What I Learned In A Class Analysis

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    This was a very interesting exercise to do during class. I learned about many different things and events that are happening in the world. The two people that were in my group were Moria and Mei Ling. It was the first time talking to them in the class. I was able to learn a lot about them and what they like to do, where they come from, and things that they found interesting in the media. I learned two interesting pieces from Moria. I learned that she loves to do theater and to sing; she did it all