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  • The Exorcist By William Peter Blatty

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    In William Peter Blatty’s novel, The Exorcist, a thirteen year old girl becomes ill. The mother, Chris MacNeil, believes that her daughter is possessed by a demon after doctors are unable to diagnose the child. Mrs. MacNeil seeks help from Father Karras after the doctors tell her to go to a priest. Father Karras, a priest and psychiatrist, declined the idea of performing an exorcism on the girl after Mrs. MacNeil asked him for the favor. Father Karras tried to reason with Mrs. MacNeil that the girl

  • The Exorcist Is One Wacky Series

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    James Earl Jones flying on the back of a bug through the desert or something equally stupid. It wasn 't until X years later that we finally got a proper sequel, The Exorcist III, but that too was plagued with issues, with both Director/Author William Peter Blatty and the studio not agreeing on what they wanted as a final product. I haven 't even mentioned the even crazier Exorcist: The Beginning, directed by Renny Harlin, which was later re-released as the slightly superior version Dominion: Prequel

  • The Characteristics Of Language InThe Shining, And William Blatty

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    order to create the horror characteristics they wish to include throughout their novels, and therefore I will analyse the techniques used by Stephen King and William Blatty in two of their most famous novels. The purpose of this comparative analysis is to discover what language and stylistic features Stephen King in ‘’The Shining’’ and William Blatty in ‘’The Exorcist’’ use to create characteristics of the horror genre. I will discover how both authors use important writing techniques such as foreshadowing

  • Essay On The Exorcist

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    There are many real life horror stories that drew a lot of attention. There are many movies, books and even songs about those real life time horror events. For instance the movie "The Exorcist" is a 1973 American Supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin, released in 1973. The film is based on a true story that happened in the late 1940's, in the United States. The story is documented under the pseudonym "Ronald Doe" or "Robbie Mannheim". A 14-year-old boy was the alleged victim of demonic

  • Essay about Computation and Reasoning

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    IN1002: Computation & Reasoning Coursework 1: Semantic Networks & Prolog Part I: Algorithms and Prolog a) i) d=1947 i=1, d=1947+11 = 1958 i=2, no change to d i=3, d=1958+11 = 1969 i=4, no change to d i=5, n=8, d=1969+8 = 1977 i=6, n=6, d=1977+6 = 1983 i=7, n=4, d=1983+4 = 1987 Return: d= 1987 ii) d=2007 i=6, d=2007-6 = 2001 i=5, d=2001-8 = 1993 i=4, d=1993-10 = 1983 i=3, no change to d i=2, d=1983-10 = 1973 i=1, no change to d Return: d= 1973 b) Therefore consider

  • 70's Decade

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    The 70’s decade was a milestone in US (United States) history for many reasons. It was an important stride in women's rights, sports, education, politics, global issues, and helping nature. From catchy phrases, to presidential scandals, the 70’s decade majorly contributed to our US history. One major event in the 70’s was sports for many reasons. Cassius Clay had defended his title 8 times, but in 1967 outside the ring, he lost a major battle. He was convicted of refusing to submit induction into

  • The Exorcist Movie Analysis

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    had been said like 10 times in quick succession in the movie ''The Exorcist'' and may have the right to be the most influental and memorable quote of the movie. Of course in order to underline the variety of ''exorcism'', the director of the film William Friedkin had to feature this quote out, which is actually a quote from Bible. But not only this one but also the other quotes -especially the obscene ones- have right to be the most memorable quotes from the best horror movie in 70s, ''The Exorcist''

  • Catechism In The Exorcist

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    The exorcist The exorcist is a supernatural horror drama from 1973. It is based on the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty. The novel is inspired by the exorcism of Roland Doe, which took place in the late 1940s. The exorcism of Roland doe is one of the only exorcisms documented. It was priests of the Roman Catholic Church that performed the exorcism. Later it was discovered that he was probably just mentally ill and disturbed but it was still a good foundation for the novel. The novel