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  • A Critical Analysis Of A Critique Of Thread City

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    voices all throughout the theatre—all speaking either English or Spanish, which left me confused with what was happening. Shortly thereafter it was made clear by voice-over narration that the play was about the history of Willimantic; specifically, the immigrants who came into Willimantic to work in thread factories and provide better lives for their families. As the majority of the cast comes on stage, none of them were speaking. In fact, the only way to tell what was happening was to watch their specific

  • Critical Thinking Reasoning Is Relevant And Reliable Essay

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    1. Critical thinking means to think correctly in to find knowledge that is relevant and reliable. The critical thinking process consists of reasoning which is the process in which we think. This way of thinking has several different aspects. Reasoning is done from a certain point of view and based on data, information and evidence. Reasoning is expressed through and shapes by concepts and ideas. Reasoning also uses inferences and interpretations to draw conclusions and give meaning to data. When

  • Bail Bonds Research Paper

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    Have you heard a judge or a newscaster say bail is set at $100,000, or, the suspects posted bail bonds? Do you know what bail is and how it works? Here’s how Bail Money Bail Bonds, a 24-hour bail bonds service in Willimantic, CT, explains the ins and outs. The history of bail began in ancient civilizations. But bail in the United States is based on British laws of the 1600s and 1700s. Suspects charged with crimes deposited sums of money, called bail, with the king, court or sheriff. Then the suspects

  • Blackberry Brandy: A Fictional Narrative

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    He saw the van inch towards him. He read the words emblazoned on the side of the van ¬– Willimantic Evangelical Ministries, Have You Heard the Good News? Next to the words was a shining crucifix. The van pulled up to the curb and someone rolled down the passenger window. “Jimmy, is that you?” “Sully?” James asked, staring into the van. “Yeah

  • The Minimum Wage It is not Enough to Cover Basic Needs Essay

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    The government sets minimum wage at what they think an average person needs to live a healthy life, but is minimum wage isn't really enough to support a person. Minimum wage does not change with inflation, and prices have gone up since the last time minimum wage was changed on July 5, 2009. People get paid minimum wage, which is what the government says should be enough to cover the costs of living for a person, but for those living on minimum wage, hunger and malnutrition are a big problem, even

  • Eastern Connecticut State University Case Study

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    arrests of all universities in America. [SEE ATTACHED] Is it the case that Eastern is a disorderly campus with reprehensible students? Absolutely not. Eastern is a beautiful University filled with promising minds. It acts as an economic hub to the Willimantic community, providing resources, offering hundreds of volunteers, and drawing in thousands of visitors each year.

  • Biography Of William Bonin

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    William Bonin William Bonin was a serial killer who was born on January 8, 1947 and died on February 23, 1996. William was born in Willimantic, Windham, CT and died in San Quentin, CA. Bonin graduated from high school in 1965. He then got engaged to get married and served in the U.S Air Force as an aerial gunner. He logged over 700 hours of combat and patrol time earning a Good Conduct Medal. During Bonin time in the U.S Air Force he was serving in the Vietnam War. Bonin risked his life under fire

  • A Simple Distillation Process By Reviewing Its Use As A Purification Method

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    Abstract The first objective of this laboratory exercise is to gain an understanding of the techniques used in a “simple” distillation process by reviewing its use as a purification method. The second part of the laboratory is calculating the purity of distillation fractions by measuring and evaluating the physical properties of collected fraction samples. If performed correctly, two substances will be separated. Several pieces of laboratory equipment will be used to carry out the distillation process

  • Windham Internship Report

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    and nutrition. I spent my internship at Windham Heights Children Center, located right off main street. Windham Heights Children Center is part of Windham Heights affordable housing. After doing research, I learned that as of 2015, residents of Willimantic with income below the poverty line is 32.4% (city-data.com). I tried to find how many of that 32.4% lives in Windham Heights but I could not locate that information. But what I did find is that there is three hundred and fifty housing units within

  • Health Reflection Essay

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    During my time in the course, I have learned more information regarding several topics that I previously knew little about. When I entered this course, I did not expect to benefit from it as much as I did. However, this course quickly became one of the most interesting courses I am taking because all the topics that we discussed were relatable in some way. My health has improved throughout this course, as I have become more self-aware of helpful and harmful choices that I make with my body. Recently