What is the World Wide Web?

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The World Wide Web (WWW) also known as the Internet is a system of servers specifically for the Internet to support specially created documents. These documents are created also specifically for the internet in a mark-up language called HTML also know as Hyper Text Mark-up Language that supports links to other documents, graphics and audio/video files. This means you can go from one document to another by clicking on the links in the documents which with the World Wide Web they can be anywhere in the world.
There are many programs called web browser that make so called surfing the web simple, smooth and easy to access as it is why it is called surfing the web.

Past of the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Webs was actually first developed as a tool for collaboration in the high energy physics community. After this it went on to other areas and grew to its huge current size.
As it made ease of accessing information it has been a great accomplishment, and this has meant many areas have taken advantage of it.

The very first suggestion for the World Wide Web system was made in 1989 at CERN by Tim Berners Lee also currently know as the World Wide Webs inventor. The end of the 1990s, prototype software for a simple system was already being demonstrated.

To support the implementation of the system, it was important to offer access to existing information without having to convert it to an unfamiliar format. They solved this by providing an interface

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