●The Political, Financial Stability And Corruption Risks

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● The political, financial stability and corruption risks in Australia or any other selected country.

Australia has a system of government based on liberal democratic values of freedom of speech, religion and association and the rule of law. political, legal and Australian regulatory compliance, similar to the UK, US and many other democratic countries.
1901 Australian Constitution established a federal system of government. Under this system, a decentralized government. (Commonwealth) and six states, two regions - the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory - with more limited powers; There are also a number of foreign territories, the most important is the Norfolk Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory. Parliament …show more content…

(China) after the big wave of investments in the mining and natural gas. However, heavy rains in commodity prices in recent years have reduced the revenue flow from the resource sector battered. Housing construction is strong and healthy services. GDP growth running at 3.1% in the year to March 2016 interest rates fell to record lows (1.5% as of August 2016) to stimulate the domestic economy and allows engineers to grow from. There are a few resources for non-mining economy.
The change is slow and fragmented Victoria and NSW, the two largest countries in the region with the best performance, while the rich natural resources of the states of Western Australia and Queensland have slowed.
According to the Criminal Code Act 1995 it is a criminal offense to offer benefits that are not legitimate, because it has no intention to influence foreign public officials. The benefits are not confined to financial payment and take other forms, further, that it is not necessary to prove the direct provision of any formal matters - the use of intermediaries will be enough. The law applicable will be considered as illegal outside the territory. This means that they participate in all activities outside Australia may still be punishable under Australian law.
Many other countries also have laws that prohibit bribery outside forces, including the US, UK and other EU countries, so the risk for anyone to engage in bribery or corruption occurs beyond. But under Australian law but

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