1.As A Board Member, What Information Would You Need To

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1. As a board member, what information would you need to make this decision? Which staff members, if any, should be involved in this decision? Given the complex nature of the presenting problem, I may need as many information as possible to decide. First, I would examine the practicalities of the three important suggestion made by Harris who is one of the board members. To this end, it is required to gather best practices of other hospitals and institution in Medicare penalty negotiation so that the hospital consider this as a viable option. Second I would need possible reaction and stance of donors and public on the palliative care services which will determine the suggested fundraising idea to be considered or not. Understanding public …show more content…

Conflict of interest could also be another consequence of selling the PCC unit to a for-profit services provider as both institutions have a different organizational mission. As Wildwoods primary goal is maximizing profit it may compromise some of Memorial hospital values which would damage the hospital long standing good name, services and legitimacy. Considering the possible consequence of selling PCC, I would vote for this option as the last alternative. Primarily I would explore and exhaust the more viable and effective options the hospital has. If the other options do not work out I would vote for selling the unit with preconditions stated in the previous question. 3. What kind of public announcement, if any, should the board make to the press about the investigation? What should be the timing of that announcement? The board should make a strategic and honest public announcement that preserve the future reputation of the hospital. The announcement may need to clearly state the reason for the investigation, the fault made by the hospital and the triggering cause of the fault. Stressing the long years of outstanding services of the hospital and federal government policy gap in Palliative Care could help the hospital not losing its public trust and reputation. Before the whistleblower shares the situation with the press the hospital should announce the issue to the public. Public

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