1. Bridggette Hambrick: Homosexuality And Racism. 10. Bridggette

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Bridggette Hambrick: Homosexuality and Racism
Bridggette Hambrick: Homosexuality and Racism

Homosexuality and Racism
Bridggette Hambrick
January 27, 2017
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In this paper I am discussing the racial and prejudice issues of homosexuals. In the present day, homosexuals are being accepted in a better light than thirty years ago. Although, there are still racial slurs, non-acceptance issues, and violence that the homosexual communities are dealing with on a daily basis. In this paper I am discussing Lena. She is a lesbian trying to feel approval of the social world, and her family; by which she is trying to fit into the society. Therefore, the helper is directing Lena to take notice of …show more content…


Homosexuality has been considered taboo since around 300 A.D. (Henderson, Long, 2016). Homosexual is a greek word; in which means the same and sexus means sex. For many years, people were executed for their homosexuality; having sex with the same sex.
During the twelfth century, hostility toward homosexuals began and spread throughout the European religious institutes. Non-procreative or unnatural sexual behavior was condemned. This type of sexual activity was a waste for reproduction of the Jewish people (Henderson, Long, 2016). The Roman Catholic Church had different ways of punishment, the worst was being burned to death.
In 1785, Jeremy Bentham wrote the first known argument to reform the homosexual law, even though he did not publicize his report for fear. Finally, his essay was published in 1978. Following his unpublished report in the year of 1791, France became the first nation to decriminalize homosexuality. In the 1950?s, changes started to take place for the homosexual community around the world. In the United States, organizations started to acknowledge gay men and woman. The social movement in the 1960?s, such as Black Power, Anti-Vietnam War, and Women?s Liberation helped with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists becoming more radical. In 1965, the civil rights movement outlawed racial discrimination which included gay?s rights, but it was in 1969 when gay

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