1) During My Introduction Speech, I Was Able To Find Out

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1) During my introduction speech, I was able to find out both my strengths and shortcomings, in regards to public speaking. My strengths during the intro speech were in keeping eye contact and a natural ability to hold the attention of the audience. My shortcomings, however, were much more pervasive, ranging from bad timing to using filler words. Most noticeably, was my lack of timing, since the speech I gave lasted roughly 8 and a half minutes. The other noticeable crutch in my speech, was the use of a filler phrase, that I repeated over and over again, which was “I found it interesting.” I kept using this phrase as a crutch because I was afraid that my speech would run short of the 5 minute requirement. As a result, I went over on …show more content…

I felt that removing filler words or phrases would be the hardest of goals to accomplish this semester because even seasoned and practiced public speakers have a hard time completely removing filler words and phrases from their speeches. Taking this into consideration, I would like to at the very least, minimize, the use of filler words and phrases when delivering a public speech. 3) The habits that I witnessed in other speakers, that were not a problem for me were; lack of eye contact, bad body language, nervousness and running short on time. The two biggest problems that I noticed from my classmates speeches, were that the majority of them ran short on their speeches and most of them also did not keep great eye contact while they were delivering their speeches. These two issues which most of my classmates faced, apparently was not an issue for me because I went quite a bit over on time and the according to the positive feedback which Professor Jaffe, gave me after completing my speech, was that I did a good job engaging the room, by purposely making eye contact with people. I, also, did not have bad body language like some of my classmates, who showed their hands in their pockets, played with their beards or hair or stared at the ground or towards the back of the room. As for nervousness, it would be impossible for me to say that I wasn’t somewhat nervous about giving a speech in front

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