1.Is There A Link Between Learning And Behaviour? How Might

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1. Is there a link between learning and behaviour? How might it be explained?

‘Learning’ is typically used everyday all over the world, especially in education. However, within the field of educational psychology, ‘learning’ is actually refered to as a specific term. According to educational psychologist, there are many different types of learning. Some examples are, observational learning also refered to as natural learning; where the ‘student’ simply learns how to do things such as walk and talk through observing others in their environment. Cognitive learning; which typically does not involve any behaviours or physical motions, however is the process by which one learns through active thought processes which can later influence …show more content…

physiological responses) and only indirectly measurable; behviours are physical events that occur in the body and are controlled by the brain’. This suggests that behaviour may be refered to as simple actions in response to both physical and psychological needs. Therefore, human behaviour generally speaking is the term used to describe an individuals actions. Understanding human behaviour in education is vital, as it is seen as the ‘total response’ of a person, and can be used to determine how well a student is or is not learning.

Understanding knowledge and the way it is processed allows for teachers to create teaching strategies to deliver their content matching theoretical frameworks that underpin how knowledge is developed. There are many underpinnings on how knowledge is developed and these are significant to the conceptual frameworks known as learning theories. Learning theories can be used effectively to improve the quality of learning through enhacing teachers abilities to improve their practice (McLeod & Golby, 2003). Bandura (1986), Vygotsky (1986), Skinner (1974), and Piaget (1974), are all theorist that have offered insight into how individuals process learning. For the purpose of this essay, the differences between the Constructivists and Behaviourist will be discussed in aims to highlight the direct links between learning and behaviour.

The constructivist theorist such as Vygotsky (1986) and Piaget(1976) as well as others, saw the

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