1. Lack Of Loan Process Transparency. Most Lenders Have

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1. Lack of Loan Process Transparency

Most lenders have a loan officer who hands your initial loan package to an analyst or underwriter over whom you have very little control. Typically, your package just disappears behind a hidden bureaucratic wall, leaving you to wait and wonder about the disposition of your loan package.

Solution: Built on the concept of Transparency, Capital Development has developed the optimal paradigm to manage the 65+ documents that make up a typical commercial loan package. Employing a proprietary and secure online document management system called eDocLending(TM), we scan each document and set up your loan package online, so you or your borrower can directly access a Tracking Page. This page instantly reveals …show more content…

3. Generic Loan Proposals

Regrettably, many lenders issue generic proposals or term sheets with an unrealistic rate quote due to deficient pre-screening requests. After investing your client 's time and money in underwriting, the terms provided at funding are less attractive. This traps you and your borrower into a high cost, low value loan package. It 's dangerous to engage a lender who issues anything less than a proposal based on an accurate analysis.

Solution: Pledging transparency and integrity, Capital Development provides detailed Pre-Approval Letters with terms and conditions that carry through to closing. Selecting a lender should be based on the final terms and conditions the borrower will have to live with, especially given the long-term nature of permanent financing. Capital Development is a high-value lender defined by wholesale loan programs and interest rates, coupled with the deep commitment to close your loan as advertised.

4. Vague Timelines or how "Time Kills Deals"

Closing by an agreed-upon deadline should be equally important to everyone involved. Unfortunately, committing to a deadline is almost impossible for most lenders. This is because their internal communication is limited, and they must rely on people within their organization over whom they have no control. While delays typically only minimally impact a lender, even slight delays can be catastrophic to a borrower. Here 's the often too-familiar

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