1. The Citation Is:. "Indusrial Revolution Overview." Youtube.

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1. The citation is:
"Indusrial Revolution Overview." Youtube. N.p., 18 Nov. 2011. Web. 1 Mar. 2017. . The video is about the Industrial Revolution time period.

2. This video was found in the chapter 20 video selection at the bottom of the study guide.

3. What is the geographic setting and historical time period?
The setting took place in European countries, such as England as well as in North America during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The Industrial Revolution immensely changed society in several ways. The transformation went from society doing everything for themselves, such as creating the tools they used to the manufacturing of goods in factories. Many inventions were also created at this time to make life easier, but …show more content…

(2 points each for 8 points) 28-32
A). European countries began the Industrial Revolution by inventing machines that were more efficient to do the jobs of individuals. Despite the efforts to keep the textile machines a secret with strict laws and guarding of the machines they eventually became an asset to North America also. In the eighteenth century two spies memorized how the machines were built and came to America to have copies made of the machines, the power loom and spinning machine. The secret was out and now the textile machines became beneficial to American because they were able to now produce cloth materials quicker than ever before. This relates to the chapter because it goes more in-depth on how America was able to copy the machines and use them for their own benefit. It is significant because this was one of the stepping stones that have allowed inventions to prosper all over the world. Spies are majority looked down on today, but back then America benefitted immensely during the nineteenth century.
B). I think it is extremely interesting how European countries established the first Industrialization through the use of textile machines to create yarn and eventually cloth. People originally processed all of the yarn and thread by hand, which took a lot of time. Inventions/machines took over like the spinning wheel or water frame and made this process more efficient. Though this might seems like a good thing for society it also took

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