1. Why Do You Want To Be A Writing Fellow, And What Will

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1. Why do you want to be a Writing Fellow, and what will you bring to our program?

From kindergarten, I was always one of the academically puzzling students; I would receive perfect grades on essays while failing math exams. My teachers just assumed I was a right-brained youngster. My papers and essays were the assignments I proudly tacked to the fridge while I stuffed my math projects into the back of my desk. The older I grew, the more apparent it became that I had a learning disorder -- not just a crooked skill set. As a teenager, I was finally diagnosed with an unusual form of dyslexia called numeric processing disorder. My condition that heavily impeded my mathematical abilities as well as my developmental reasoning skills. I …show more content…

Ultimately, I 'd like to be a Writing Fellow because I 'm incredibly passionate about English and writing, but more so because I 'm dedicated to providing students with the same secure tutoring I experienced as a special needs student. Too many non LD students are overlooked in the tutoring process or treated impatiently -- I know that I can make students who are uncomfortable with the concept of tutoring feel relaxed and productive. Due to the teachers I worked with as a teen, I 've managed to transform into a strong, skilled writer while discovering my passion for education. I truly believe I can help other students develop confidence in their papers and their ability as writers by harnessing my knowledge of unique writing strategies while remaining patient and empathetic.

2. What types of writing are easiest for you? Please explain why.

Many have heard that the greatest writers are also the most avid readers. A more simple way to put this is that great writers have simply been led by example -- every book devoured by a reader is essentially a case study of writing styles, technique, and syntax. When I was a little girl, my mother and I had a tradition of buying a new book on the first day of school. I would come home, knowing Barnes and Noble was in my future, and my mom would happily take me out and allow me to chose any book I wanted; I had a tendency to pick out big chapter books opposed

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