100 Careers in Film and Television by Kim Petrosky

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With the majority of entertainment careers, starting low, aiming high, networking, talent, and luck are the key elements of succeeding. While no specific training is necessary to become a casting director or a talent agent, succession most likely will come with education, practice and the right skill set.
To fully comprehend the industry, studying at a two or four year college that offers courses in film and theater arts, like acting and directing, as well as business management is necessary. Casting directors need to know how to negotiate and understand the complications of working with union employees. It’s also wise to take acting classes. Casting director Kim Petrosky states in her book "100 Careers in Film and Television" that acting classes will help in understanding actors and the acting process, identify talent, and ease actors for better auditions.
Talent agencies attract many applicants, but a degree will raise your chances of getting a job. According to the U.S. New University Directory, the favored degree varies with different agencies. Some employers desire graduates with business degrees, a bachelor's or a master's degree, and a marketing specialty, if possible. Suggested courses include marketing, finance, and accounting. Other agencies would rather hire graduates with a bachelor's degree in communications, advertising, or journalism, with courses in marketing, sales, and consumer behavior. Another possible degree is a bachelor's in public relations, with

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