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Analysis of The film 12 Angry Men Jason Lovett MBA 611 Richard Devos School of Business Management Northwood University Executive Summary The Movie "Twelve Angry Men" is the ultimate example of a group of people forced to interact in order to reach a single, defined goal. The jury, which consists of 12 men, must deliberate until a unanimous decision is reached. In this specific example, which takes place in a New York courthouse, the decision holds the life of an 18 year old in the balance. The movie is presented in a manner that allows the viewer to be the invisible jury member and sit in as they deliberate the fate of the defendant. The first vote is 11 to 1, finding the defendant guilty. The 12 men ride a rollercoaster of…show more content…
They are not receptive to any ideas opposing their own or the "facts" that they have accepted, meaning Juror number 8's position that he has doubt as the defendant's guilt. Juror 8 has stated that he is simply not sure of the defendant's guilt. He says and is able to convince the others that he simply wants to talk about it for an hour. 8 begins his explanation of why he thinks the way he does by telling of the defendant's childhood, in which he frequented foster homes and was the known victim of abuse. All this, while his father was serving time in jail for forgery. Juror 8 is appealing to the others human compassion side in describing the child's rough childhood and upbringing. He pleads to the other jurors to simply give the boy a chance, for the first time in his life. This attempt at touching the others has gotten 3 to get out of his seat and move closer to 8 holding a picture. 3 continues talk of his son and his raising of him and how their relationship has been affected. The manner with which the man is speaking and his facial expressions make it painfully obvious that he has some great sadness when speaking of his son and even says that he has not heard from him in two years. Juror 10 is quick to point out that "we" do not owe him a thing. He was in fact lucky to get a trial with lawyer that was paid for by the city. 4 jumps in to elaborate on the idea that

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