Essay on 13/10/666, Where Am I?

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It was a gloomy tempestuous night. I was running away from something but I wasn’t sure what I was running away from. I scampered with exhaustion as the forest closed on me like a pair of jaws. I also had no idea where I was. My eyesight was distorted by the troubling unavoidable mist. I noticed that a small black figure with great yellowish green eyes had passed through my path which caused me to trip over a branch and fall to the ground with a “THUD!” I started to regain my consciousness as the mist gradually cleared away. Once again regaining my perception I tilted my head sideways, downwards and behind, cautiously checking my surroundings. There was nothing there except for the slender trees. I looked back down at the dark filthy …show more content…

There was nothing else left. Sweat poured like rain from the top of my head to my shoulder but I still resisted. What if there was a blood-curdling monster waiting to rip me into shreds and eat me? I stood there trying to come up with a conclusion. There were slow footsteps coming towards me. I got louder and louder and it came closer to me. I wasn’t paying much attention as I was more focused on making my decision. I didn’t know what to do but that didn’t matter to me at all when my choice was triggered by a nasty silhouette behind me. All I could see was a pitch black body full of spikes and bright crimson eyes that belonged to something of equal power to an evil spirit. I swiftly turned away without thought and without any hesitation I sped up to the giant red door in front of me. The door number was marked “666”. I knocked slowly countless timed like a weak homeless woodpecker until, the doors slowly creaked open… A terrified prey I was, trembling with fear before my predator. It was a colossal monster. He stood high as the Eiffel Tower! I felt the need to run away as my image of roast chicken burst into pieces, being replaced by that evil, terrifying figure that stood before me! I was being paralysed by fear stopping me from doing anything, even moving my eyes! Those unparalleled eyes, only born to the one who was capable of destroying the Earth at an instant just by having a glance. They were as wide as an

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