Frankenstein Beast Description

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He moved quickly and quietly as a fox over the fresh powder from the blizzard, dodging trees and fallen branches protruding from the ground. The air was crisp and the figure could see his breath as he ran through the shrouded forest. His heart was racing, for he feared for his own life as he pursued this large beast. As he ran, the man noticed something, it was an animal that had been slaughtered by the beast. He examined the corpse closely, the stench of decay was very prominent as he got closer. He determined that the monster was close by, so he continued to follow the tracks, this time even more cautiously and considerably slower than before. He came to a clearing where a river was surging forth. This river was very wide and the pace it…show more content…
The creature he had been tracking all along. It was in the middle of the meadow and he was no more than 400 yards away. It was just smaller than the trees in the forest and was making an arrangement of sounds. It was the color of ash and it’’s eyes glowed that shone like beacons in the night. It stood on all four legs and had claws that could slice through rock. By the looks of it, it’’s skin was as thick as concrete. It was feeding on a fresh kill, making all sorts of repulsive noises as it did. The man pulled something from his bag, it was silver and sharp. It was a sword. This sword was no ordinary sword, it was a sword that had been given to him by his father which had been passed down throughout his family tree. It radiated with energy as he held it in his hands. He felt a new surge of energy pass through him. Just then the noises of the feast ceased and the beast sniffed the air alerted by the smell of the man. The man’s heart was beating and he could feel the beast’’s eyes staring directly at him. That’s when the monstrosity released a terrifying screech. It sounded like metal scraping against metal, it tested the man’s very soul and willpower. The screech did not deter the man for when he held the sword he was in tune with every part of his…show more content…
The man got up and stood his ground as the massive beast barreled towards him. The man knew that he had one chance to make it out of this fight alive. Everything seemed to slow down as the man became focused on the approaching threat. He had noticed a break in the beast’’s armor. Just below the stomach lay a deformity, the Achilles heel of the monster. It would be difficult to hit but he knew that it must be done to be able to bring the monster down. He began to run towards the beast now, his senses heightened and he felt as if he was watching himself from above. The beast was now 100 yards away and it traveled at the same pace as it did before. Just before they connected, the man slid below the beast. Time was moving at snail's pace in the man’s eyes and he was just below the deformity. He thrust his sword up into the beast and the sword cut through like slicing butter. The man made it to the other side of the beast. The monster was motionless, then after a good minute had passed the nightmare had toppled over in a heap of flesh. The sword no longer glowed as he returned it to it’’s scabbard. The deed had been done, so he thought. He heard movement from where the beast was and he turned just in time to see a dark mist darting towards the trees, then it was gone. The man knew that this was far from
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