Creative Writing: The Legend Of Dracula

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In the dark woods, the chilly wind blew me awake. Feeling extremely cold, I was shivering, goose bumps filled up my body. Finding myself in the middle of nowhere, I tried to recall what had happened the night before, however the severe headache restrained my thoughts. I hardly stood up, examining my surrounding; only to realize myself in a place I have never been to. Feeling puzzled, anxiety crawled up my chest, and I saw a piece of note lying beside me. “Leave the Woods of Nightmare immediately! The legends told here are true.”
I recognized that the scribbling on the note is none than my own writings. In a split second, I heard a grumbling noise.

Sensing danger, I wanted to flee, but fear froze my legs. A familiar figure appeared from the …show more content…

As my mind was filled with questions, Eve felt happiness. When the bell of the clock tower sounded, Eve could reveal her true self without fear. She can choose not to take air into her lungs and let her skin turn to that ash grey tone. She can let the venom drip from her upper teeth and let her eyes craze over. The ritual was to resurrect Eve’s father, the famous vampire Vlad, also known as Count Dracula. My spirit was the last and final sacrifice. As a mischievous vampire, Eve enjoyed the moment of tricking her victims, altering our memories of her being a trusted friend. However, the craving of blood accidentally revealed her true …show more content…

Eve roared violently, her red eyes filled with anger, being cursed as a vampire had driven her to swear an oath that she would have her revenge. A sudden reflection of moonlight startled Eve; I knew it was my only chance to eliminate her. With all my might, I thrust the wooden stake into Eve’s heart. Letting out a loud scream of pain, Eve fell to the ground. The reflection was from the locket that my mother gave me for

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