18th Century Women

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married women in the late 18th century america were domesticated social,intellectual,and economical.During the early period of the 18th century women were stuck in the “Cult of Domesticity”. Women had been issued roles as the moral keepers for societies as well as the nonworking house-wives for families for this reason, women were considered unequal to their male companions.
First and foremost during the 18th century women were considered naturally weaker than men becoming unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual skills. Becoming trapped own their homes only to perform domestic chores and duties women unconsciously became the house keepers of society whose role is to bear and take care of children as well as undoubtedly submitting
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Motherhood and wifehood were considered as their most major professions Towards the end of nineteenth century however, most women had won the rights to vote, and had increased their chances to access education and other professions initially considered for men. Marriage was considered very essential and significant for the sake of the stability of the society. Women were therefore expected to be very obedient and submissive in order to have a happy and stable marriage. During these times, education was a disputable topic and it was the first topic that motivated women into protesting. However, not a single feminist could come up with a means through which education would be equalized between girls and boys. Only the daughters of rich parents would get formal education. Educated girls were however perceived as unattractive sexually, thus getting marriage was a big struggle for them.Women thus began to perform duties outside their homes. This meant that they would cook, nurse and educate young people for a pay. They also became teachers, nurses and secretaries; which were the only jobs that the society accepted women to pursue Nevertheless, a woman was only supposed to work as long as she was not married, but once married, she was expected to stop working and take up her role as a wife and mother. During this time, being a housewife necessitated a wide range of multifaceted abilities since almost all items were homemade However, their employment opportunities did expanded during the industrial revolution period. Many women worked in the new industries so as to fill the vacant place also expanded.thus leading to many more women to be employed women attained more legal rights with the establishment of more movements and acts.also during the mid 1800's, women became resistant to the oppression by men and they
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