1930 Maycomb County Meets 2014 Essay

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1930 Maycomb meets 2014 Yesterday was monday, the 27th of January and I was listening to “To kill a mockingbird” on a audio player white I was doing homework for chemistry. I decided to to to sleep and do the rest of the chem homework during lunch tomorrow in school. As I was getting ready to sleep, I stayed up for about five minutes play a new trending game called Flappy Bird. After a while, I fell asleep. I was having a very disturbing dream. In it, I saw my english teacher, Mr.Paulus. He had a leopard furred coat and shiny skinny jeans on. He also had shades too, things that Lil Wayne would wear. I was really confused, I whispered,” Mr.Paulus?”. He had cut me off and said,” Hush young buck, call me “P.P”, Pimp Paulus.” He had on a …show more content…

“Shut up, your brothers are still sleeping. Go get ready for school, breakfast is downstairs.” “Yeah, ok.” I said lightly. My heart was pounding as I was trying to find the bathroom. I had to ask my mom about my toothbrush and i heard her say “Huh?! Hurry up and eat your food, stop staying inside the washroom, lets go.” As I left the bathroom, I notice the towel I washed my hands with, it said “sweet home alabama” and I searched through my mind for an answer and Pimp Paulus popped up smiling with one of his grilled tooth sparking. I was actually mad because, well not that I was in Maycomb but that I traveled backwards not into the future. I always wanted to know if I and Jennifer Lawrence ever got married also who would win the Super Bowl coming up since I betted against my friends for 50 bucks that the Broncos were gonna win. Anyways I knew what situation I was stuck in just that when will I get out of here and how. As I went downstairs to get some breakfast I smelled that we had bacon and I was really hyped for it, maybe living in maycomb isn’t so bad. My dad wasn’t home, I guess everything is still the same, sorta. I asked my mom if she was going to walk me to school because I needed her to come to school with me and do something for the teacher.”Yeah, sure but I’ll have to walk your brothers to school first, you go on and I’ll be there at ‘leven. Go and walk with Justin, I’ll see

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