1950s Matrix

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Modern America Matrix: 1950s
Nicolas Simone
July 14th 2014
Julie Snyder

Event | Identify | Significance | Reference | Truman | In 1950, Truman sent U.S. troops to aid South Korea from being invaded by North Korean communist armies. The UN had successfully cleared the North Korean invaders from South Korea; however, Truman with the support of General MacArthur decided cross the 38th parallel to fight communism in North Korea which ended up backfiring. Truman discharged General MacArthur because he went against his orders and made public statements about expanding the war into China. | Truman’s decision to get involved in the Korean War reinforced the U.S. as a global police. Many civilians were supporters of MacArthur
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| Moving On Ch. 5 p. 74-76 | Drive-in Theaters | The first drive in theater was built in Camden, New Jersey in 1933. The drive-in theater fad peaked during the late 1950s because they were located in rural suburban areas that were convenient for families. They featured B-movies and later on became hotspots for exclusive teen lovers. | Drive-in theaters were perfect for the suburban family because they were so cheap and close that parents didn’t have to drive all the way to the city to see a movie. Their popularity faded once property value increased and color television and VCRs were introduced. | Film History: An Introduction byKristen & Thompson | Disneyland | In 1955, Disneyland was introduced to the American public by creator Walt Disney. It was one of the first theme parks offered in America and attracted crowds of young children and families. The theme park was inspired by many of Walt Disney’s animated features as well as historical figures like Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln. | The theme park was and continues to be one of the largest attractions of consumer culture in America. Disneyland didn’t solely make money through ticket sales, but the theme park advertised other Disney products like films and toys. | Moving On Ch. 5 page 73 | Beats | The beat generation was largely comprised of young middle class
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