Douglas Macarthur Speech

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Have you ever heard of General Douglas MacArthur? Well I’m going to tell you about him and the great things he did. When you hear the quote “old soldiers never die they just fade away” you'll think of him and all of the good things he did for us and what a hero he really is. He served in both of the wars and ran for presidency. Early life MacArthur was born on an Army base in Little Rock, Arkansas, on January 26, 1880, into a family with military history. When he was born his Dad was a captain , and had been decorated for his service in the Union Army during the Civil War. His Mom's brothers fought for the south during the civil war. The base where he was born was just the first of several military post which he lived as a kid. In 1893 his family moved to San Antonio, Texas, and he attended the West Texas Military Academy. After high school, he enrolled in the military academy at West Point, where he excelled, and in 1903 he graduated with honors. After graduation, MacArthur was commissioned as a junior officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. World War 1 & after At the start of World War I,…show more content…
A Japanese invasion that same year caused his forces to leave that country. a year after that he made many successful offensive operations against the Japanese military in that 1945 president Harry S. Truman appointed MacArthur supreme allied commander. For the next six years he stayed in japan to command the occupation forces. When North Korean army invaded South Korea in 1950, he started to command the newly united nation’s forces. On April 11, 1951, Truman removed MacArthur from his command for insubordination. This made people in America very mad, but Truman stayed focused on keeping the conflict with North Korea a limited war. Americans started to understand that MacArthur’s recommendations might have led to a massively expanded war in
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