1950s vs Today

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Ashley Simon
Mrs. Teri Hevener
English 111
March 8, 2014 Society today and Society in the 1950’s
In the past sixty years are country has seen overwhelming change. Some change has been for the best, while much has been for the worse. We’ve seen amazing advancements in technology and made huge strides in the health field. Unfortunately we’ve also lost a lot of common sense and have a lack of morals and dignity. In the 1950’s family’s usually stayed together. Today a very big percentage of marriages end in divorce. In the fifties families ate dinner around the table together. Today people have such busy, hectic schedules that family meals are rare and often eaten in front of the TV. In the fifties jobs were easy to come by.
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In the fifties before internet, people lives were far less controlled by the media though. People formed opinions from life experiences, lessons they learned in the real world, and values they were taught. Today the mass media to often shapes people’s opinions, especially vulnerable children and young people. It tells us how we should look, how to be “cool”, what’s right and wrong, even how to think. The 1950s people used common sense and were rational. Today it’s all about being “politically correct” and over analyzing everything. In the 1950s’s people had high morals, values, and the line between right and wrong was thin. Today we live in a culture where everything goes, morals are scoffed at, and the line between right and wrong is always becoming more blurred.
The society of today and the society of the 1950s might as well be two different planets. We’ve made some important steps forward and improved certain areas life. While there were negatives in the 50s such as segregation and lack of understanding in the medical field, I think there is a lot we can learn from the fifties and what made it such a great time in our

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