1984 Vs George Orwell

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A society where people care less about their surroundings and more about their favorite celebrity’s life is a scary thought, but, as Aldous Huxley predicted and Neil Postman supports, this has been our world for a while. Huxley believed that people would reduce their own ability to think and unknowingly grow to love it. Even if many people can still keep their autonomy, there is the larger underlying problem that some people are being ruined by what they think is helping them, making George Orwell seem less relevant. People all over the world, citizens and government officials included, are too caught up in newer, more fun technology to realize how they are inhibiting their own capabilities when they use it. Postman’s assertion that Huxley is more relevant than Orwell is true since there is no “Big Brother” like Orwell predicted and with the addition of technology, people strip themselves of their thoughts. With the invention of new technologies, people have become more infatuated with drama and irrelevant matters. Even though the internet can be used as a great source for answers and thought-provoking information, it is used for other more mindless and selfish reasons. Some people could care more about something completely irrelevant on their phone than something serious that is happening right before them. And as for our future, technology will become more advanced and start to reduce our “capacity to think” as Postman put it. It is already shown with things like
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