2.) To What Extent Did The Coming Of The Harlem Renaissance

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2.) To what extent did the coming of the Harlem Renaissance represent a social and Cultural Revolution in the United States? Did all accept this renaissance? The Harlem Renaissance gave the black race new culture identity. The renaissance was very artistic, musical and literary. There were more black writers during this time. Not as many as white, but still it was a movement in the black identity. They were showing America that they could do as much as whites could and do it as good. The Harlem Renaissance gave influence to the future black writers of America. This time was an inspiration for all not just the black people. There were several forms of arts, as in visual. Many paintings, sculptures and other types of artistic craft were …show more content…

Many Renaissance writers felt some hesitancy about the use of the black lingo as well as an onus to maintain the separation between high and low art, an issue that continues to be debated. How to confront questions of race commonly had to be more nuanced and subtle as well. Advances in black music were somewhat more efficacious because of the high demand for black talented artistes like Count Basie, Ethel Waters, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Louis Armstrong. New York nightclubs regularly featured black musicians, whose innovations in jazz embodied America 's first original music form. Black women vocalists also found success as the music industry quickly discovered the commercial advantages of race music.

3.) The 1920s was a decade of tremendous tension between forces of tradition and modernity. Analyze how the United States began to modernize and how many Americans clung to "traditional" values. The industrialism of the Gilded Age & the economic boom of WWI changed America. Farmers boomed during WWI but a decline in demand after the war deflated farm prices. Female workers after WWI were limited to teachers, nurses, and other low-paying jobs. The Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote, that did not make all women want to vote. Many women kept to themselves and did not vote.

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