2020: A Not-So-Spacey Odyssey Essay

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2020 – A Not-So-Spacey Odyssey

The year is 2020 and mankind is reeling from global war. No continent has escaped the devastating effects as man has, in effect, turned on himself and effected his own destruction. Homes on every street house the ill and dying. Youths struggle to survive and turn ever more to the government for aid and assistance. The cycle repeats itself until the inevitable. One day, society must implode, collapse on itself. The residents of Earth can only hope for a rebirth of the old Greek tale of the Phoenix rising from her own ashes.

How did mankind arrive at this tumultuous place in human history? What caused this war? These questions lead us to the discussion of the move of Socialism and the …show more content…

The government began to slyly dictate who lived and who died; they chose whose life was valuable enough to save. Houses on every street began to house the sick and dying.

Human subjects of every government would not be treated like this and sit idly by. Protests everywhere began. The Socialists and Communists had raised taxes to beyond 50% and caused a healthcare crisis of epic proportions. Their subjects were in revolt and the Socialists were not deterred; they had learned much from their prior failures. They promised new programs and pushed propaganda about population control. The sick and dying could now volunteer to be euthanized. What a modern concept! And, the Socialists argued, the world’s population was too great anyhow and letting a few “slip away” was, after all, good for the Earth. Was man doing his race a kindness by not fighting the system any longer?

One facet of this new era was that life was complicated and technically advanced. But this had all come at a price. By 2020, the Earth had been depleted of most of its oil reserves, a historically useful fuel. New fuels were created but they were vastly more costly. One of the most popular fuels was a fuel made from corn and potatoes. The cost of food skyrocketed and shortages abounded as farmers chose to grow only corn and not the other essentials for the human diet. The

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