21st Century Revolution: The Rise of Anti-Government Rebellion

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21st Century Revolution: The Rise of Anti-Government Rebellion In the many cases of society rising against a ruler, it is the suffocation of the peoples voice that stirs the minds of those capable of initiating change. It is in this overbearing suppression that small groups of courageous individuals come together and rise up against authority for the sake of their people. Whether it be against a monarchy, a terrorist group, or dictatorship, these groups face a definite opposition. Members of torn nations agree that the rebels do nothing but add to civil unrest, that their acts of armed resistance worsen the choke hold on their country. But it is here, in rebellion, that the minds of the oppressed are able to stand on their own, for themselves; in defiance for the sake of freedom. Government rebellion exists primarily due to interference of natural rights by a relentless government, reaching as far back as the year 2740 BC, in Egypt's second dynasty (P.E), to the 2014 acts against the Ukrainian and Venezuelan governments. This type of violence erupts when a ruler encroaches the territory of a persons natural boundaries. For example, in the Bangkok Thailand revolts of 2014 against the upcoming government elections, a peaceful demonstrator was shot in the head and chest, raising the death toll up to 10 from police brutality (Lefevre). Again in Egypt in 2013 a representative from CNN spoke about the rioting between barricades, “This is the most intense gunfire that I’ve

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