3. Paleolithic Age Or Older Stone Age Was Marked By Hominids,

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3. Paleolithic age or older Stone Age was marked by hominids, who lived five or more million years ago and had a nomadic lifestyle. It was before the advent of agriculture; furthermore, hominids were gatherers and hunters. They gathered all different kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Also, they hunted wild animals. However, one of the most important developments certainly was walking upright, which allowed Australopithecus to hold things in her hands while walking, allowing them to develop tools that are able to transmit from place to place, to hold in their hands the weapons for hunting, and to much more use the intelligence that they had. It is likely that precisely this progress was crucial to further development and …show more content…

Using crisp, ironed ax people began to cut forests and settle along the banks of lakes and rivers where the built permanent settlements. They built dugouts - habitats that are dug into the ground, and dwellings - wooden houses or houses built of twigs over water. People have tamed some animals and started practicing animal husbandry. First, cattle were first used for meat, and later for milk. Furthermore, they used skin and hair to make clothes and shoes. From gathering fruit they gradually developed agriculture. Crossings on agriculture and animal husbandry emerged the first great social division of labor and the first exchange of products - including livestock and agrarian population. Progress in production instrumentality for life caused a change in the social order. In order to manufacture successfully performed was required to work together. Horde gradually replaced by rod - a community based on consanguinity. In the beginning of the Neolithic, pottery developed. The man drafted various dishes made of clay, which he used for the preparation and storage of food.

5. About 5,000 years ago on the banks of the Nile River in North Africa has evolved in many ways remarkable civilization of ancient Egypt. The main reason for the supremacy of Egypt at that time was a great geographic advantage that no other country had, embodied in the great and the mighty Nile River. Tens of thousands of years, the center of life and development in Egypt was

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