3 Types of Universal Healthcare

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A Look into Universal Healthcare

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2005 approximately 44 million people were not covered by any means of insurance, which made up about 15% of the United States population. In more recent estimates, the number has grown to about 60 million; witch would be about 18% considering the increase in population size. With numbers this great healthcare reform is needed, but, the big push at this time is Universal health care also known as a single payer system. Single payer systems are big in European countries and Canada, but it would be tough to judge if they really work, if you were to ask ten people in those countries if the system worked you would get ten different answers.

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The government would go into these companies and basically tell them what they can and cannot do. Insurance companies would be forced to accept all clients. This means no matter what their risk factor is they would have to be accepted, no matter what preexisting conditions may apply. This would be sensible; unfortunately this could mean massive increases in premiums for all.

Another form of regulation would include guaranteed renewal. Insurers would not be allowed to

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