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The 3 Week Diet Vs Half Day Diet – Which One Should You Try First?

In this review, we will discuss two different dieting programs. The first program is the 3 Week Diet. The second one is the Half Day Diet. Both diets are unique and clinically-proven to work. The big question is this; however, which diet program is better? To help you answer this question, we will first discuss each dieting method separately. Then, we will compare and contrast both of them.

The 3 week Diet – What is it?
The 3 Week Diet comes in the form of a detailed diet book. The book presentation includes a 43-page introduction manual with general information about weight loss. In addition, there is a 22-page diet manual describing the four phases of the 3 Week Diet. A …show more content…

He is a renowned sports nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer. Flatt has fifteen long years of experience in the diet and nutrition field. As a result of his career success, Brian Flatt is now a cherished writer and public speaker who inspire multitudes across the world.
Reasons to try this diet plan

The following are the reasons why the 3 Week Diet plan is commendable.
 Triggers not just weight loss, but also loss of stubborn fat.
 Increases energy and quickens metabolism.
 Improves skin tone and hair beauty.
 Decreases cellulite
 Firms the muscles and improves their tone.
 Enhances your good cholesterol …show more content…

However, Brian wants you to do one more thing: exercising. Each exercise session should only take twenty minutes for three to four days a week. As aforementioned, there is a workout manual that could guide you. The part of the manual that stands out is the Midsection Miracle Workout consisting of just two workouts that could give you the coveted six-pack abs.

The 3 Week Diet Program Pros and Cons
 Causes you to lose weight rapidly and safely.
 The diet plan is scientifically proven to work.
 All foodstuffs recommended in this eBook are locally available.
 Emphasizes on having the right attitude and mindset to lose weight.
 Allows you to eat anything you like after attaining your weight loss goals.
 Offers other advantages such as better skin and hair, reduced cellulite, higher cholesterol levels and so on.
 Those who dislike hunger might hate the fasting phase.
 As there is a great deal of calorie restriction, one might cheat or feel punished.
 A lot of carbohydrate foods are left out.
 People who are intolerant to caffeine or nicotine might suffer negative side

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