3d Printing And The Future

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3D Printing and the Future. 3D printing is an amazing feat of engineering and technology. Allowing people to just make a model and have machine that allows them to physically make your model is jaw dropping. This technology is going to change so many things in the next couple of decades. 3D printing in the future will change the landscape of how we see and do things as humans. The current state of 3D printing is still in it’s infant stages. Due to the first commercial 3D printer coming into the wholesale market in the 1980’s. But that was the first for the small things that were needed. These machines though were humongous compared to what we have today. Right now even the typical do it yourself home person you can use the technology…show more content…
Amazing, right? Although that would kill businesses that do these kinds of things they better understand that their skill might be dying and robots might replace them in the future due to cost efficiency. 3D printing has advanced so far in the past 30 years. But now in 2015, thinking only 5 years ahead isn’t too difficult. Hopefully about 5 years into the future it will be kind of like how iPhones are upgraded every year. Only that this technology will be updated every olympic year. Maybe they’ll update the heaters so that it will heat up faster so that you don’t have to wait as long. They’ll just have to get a heatsink that will heat up faster than what they would do right now. Honestly, they just need to get rid of the small things that make people cringe. The main thing is to just focus on either heating it up faster or making this print faster. In 5 years though just getting to heat up faster will make a lot of people happy. 5 years isn’t long in some technology years and 3D printing is no exception. Now in 20 years 3D printing will change easily. Looking in the long run there are many imperfections that they can fix. If they can first get it to heat up faster in the 5 years then in the time they should have been able to either make more printing materials available either that or they can get the motors to go faster so that they can print more filament in faster ways. If they can make easily detachable heads so that many things can be printed. For
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