3d Vision Essay

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Abstract—3D Vision technique has a very comprehensive application in our everyday life this day. It’s being used in our home to high tech industries. A very important application of this technique is in security camera system to generate the image in very fast moving environment with high accuracy. Another and most favourite application is in industry for the pick-place robot environment. Implementation of Stereo camera is a passive application of 3D vision, which only requires structured laser lighting which is a active lighting, ambient lighting and projected pattern-base lighting system to illuminate the object. To simplify the object illumination later one single camera system has been developed. In this article we will be discussing …show more content…

The major components that a 3D machine vision system consists of are listed below. a) Lighting b) Lenses c) Image sensors d) Vision processing e) Software f) Output device II. MACHINE VISION LIGHTING In 3D machine vision lighting is one of the most important component. Images are being created by analyzing a reflected light from an object, not by analyzing the object in a machine vision system. For two camera base 3D machine vision system multiple lenses capture the reflected light and process through the image sensor. This technique usually consists of a light source and its position with respect to the object and camera. Different lighting technique can inhance an image in a different way like some lighting can neglect some features and some can enhance some features. Most common lighting technique that are being used in 3D Machine vision listed below. a) Back lighting b) Structured light or laser c) Axial diffuse lighting d) Dark-field illumination e) Bright-field illumination f) Strobe

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