3rd Nephi Outline

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Drew Drishinski Book of mormon 122 2/19/2014 3rd Nephi 11-26 Outlines: Chapter 11 outline: There is a great multitude of nephites gathered in the land of bountiful conversing about jesus christ. Then some people start to hear a soft voice and they pay no attention to the voice. Then the voice spoke again and again the people did not understand it. Then the voice call out a third time and they listened and the voice said “ This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased and they looked into heaven and saw a man in white come down. The man was jesus and he tells about how he suffered for the sins of the world and invites the people to touch the nail prints and spear wound in his side. And they praised him as the most high god…show more content…
He tells of the Gentiles coming and inheriting the americas telling about how there will be a gathering in the americas in the last days with another great multitude of people who not just Gentiles but other people of the lord. The Multitude will also lose control of the Americas to the gentiles and will be cut off. Chapter 21 Outline: The lord tells of a sign when the gathering is going to begin and that sign is when the book of mormon comes forth to the gentiles. The Gentiles will be the ones to receive it because of the freedom that they will have in american. The Gentiles will be saved if they believe in the book of mormon and obey the words of the lord or will be destroyed. Israel will build the new jerusalem and will gather all the lost tribes will return. Chapter 22 Outline: In the days after the gathering in zion there will be no threat or terror but will have mercy and tenderness. Chapter 23 Outline: Jesus encourages the people to search the words of isaiah and the other prophets and encourages them to ponder and ask the lord to help understand them. He also tells about how his servant Samuel the Lamanite helped with his words concerning the resurrection and Jesus asks Nephi to add them to the records. Chapter 24 Outline: Jesus tells of how the lord will send a messenger to prepare the way for the second coming. He also explained the importance of tithing and how we will receive blessings. Chapter 25

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